Weekend Winners: Ocala Jockey Club, Fresno County Horse Park

It would take you 37 hours to drive non-stop from one of this weekend’s U.S. horse trials to the other, which were separated by over 2,500 miles. The eventing spirit was alive on both coasts, with Ocala Jockey Club International H.T. wrapping up the 2018 FEI season in Florida and Fresno County Horse Park H.T. giving it a last hurrah for the year on the West Coast.

Before we recognize this week’s blue ribbon winners, joining us in high-fiving Tamie Smith and Ruth Bley’s Danito, our lowest scoring finishers in the country this weekend. The pair topped the CCI* division at Ocala Jockey Club on their dressage score of 22.6.

And now, your weekend winners!

Ocala Jockey Club International H.T.: WebsiteResultsLive StreamEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram
CCI*: Tamra Smith & Danito (22.6)
CCI2*: Alexander O’Neal & Fury H (29.5)
CCI3*: Katherine Coleman & Monte Classico (39.5)
CIC3*: Liz Halliday-Sharp & Fernhill By Night (30.0)

Fresno County Horse Park H.T.: WebsiteResults
Open Intermediate: Andrea Baxter & Enfinity (37.9)
Open Preliminary: Lauren Billys & Caletina (30.5)
Preliminary Rider: Meg Pellegrini & RF Eloquence (29.0)
Open Training: Lisa Sabo & Aida (34.9)
Sr. Training Rider: Haley Abbett & Csongor (34.0)
Y.R. Training Rider: Avery Hughes & Bijou (34.6)
Jr. Novice Rider: Hailey Dahlstrom & Stetson (31.2)
Open Novice: Erin Serafini & Bellatrix L’Strange (29.1)
Sr. Novice Rider: Hailey Tyra & Good Friday (34.8)
Jr. Beg. Novice Rider: Sophia Merz & Bird Is The Word (29.0)
Open Beg. Novice: Toora Nolan & Ironman (29.3)
Sr. Beg. Novice Rider: Adrienne Blair & Monkey Business (37.3)
Jr. Introductory Rider: Lyndsey Januszewski & Philly Slew (37.8)
Open Introductory: MaryBeth Young & Sweet William (29.2)
Sr. Introductory Rider: Dori Anderson & Sportsfield Condi (32.2)

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!