Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Birthday Edition!

As the New Year rings in, thousands of Jockey Club registered thoroughbreds in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating birthdays!

The practice of having all registered horses celebrate a birthday on the same day date – regardless of their actual foaling date – dates back to 18th century England at which time it was decreed that all racehorses would be considered one year older on the first of May. Of course, there’s lots more to the history of how it eventually came to be that New Year’s Day would be the universal birthdate for thoroughbreds, and you can learn all about it in this detailed article by Nelson Dunstan that was printed in the January 12, 1948, edition of the Daily Racing Form.

Whether it streamlines the race qualifications or makes it more confusing to racing fans (or both at the same time), the January 1st rule has been accepted for quite a while. That makes for a lot of carrot cake to go around for all the birthday colts and fillies out there, these three geldings that we present to you in our Weekly OTTB Wishlist included:

Photo via Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Shopping Spree (Street Cry (IRE) – Miss Shop, by Deputy Minister): 2011 16.2-hand Kentucky bred gelding

Here’s beautifully built and bred gelding that will help you start your New Year off right. “Spree” is a good-looking guy who definitely knows he’s a looker, but is still friendly and not to uptight to act goofy. Spree has already been restarted under saddle on the flat and over cross rails, and his connections at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center say he’s a great horse to ride. His photos and videos show a horse with a ground-covering stride who’s eager to work and do what’s asked of him. Looks like he could make a super new partner for someone!

View Shopping Spree on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Photo via CANTER MN.

Dynamite Man (Harlan’s Holiday – Delicate Dynamite, by Old Trieste): 2014 15.3-hand Kentucky bred gelding

“Gulliver” has got a serious case of the winter woolies at the moment, so we picked a more summery photo to display above and show off his athletic conformation. This young gelding only had eight starts and came off the track sound, but very body sore. After two months away from the track he’s already much better and his sweet personality has started to shine through. Gulliver has been very lightly restarted under saddle, but is still 2018 RRP eligible for anyone interested!

View Dynamite Man on CANTER MN.

Photo via Friends of Ferdinand.

Big Bright Boy (North Light (IRE) – Irish Fantasy, by Glitterman): 2011 17.0-hand Indiana bred gelding.

This gelding was aptly named! At a towering 17-hands and with an enormous shoulder to match, “Brighty” is a gentle giant. He’s six months off the track, where he had a mediocre career, and has adjusted very well to a leisurely life of turnout and naps in the sunshine. Now that he’s settled into a new routine, Brighty is ready to find his own person to take on the world with.

View Big Bright Boy on Friends of Ferdinand.