Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Gambling Greys

Greys are a bit of gamble, especially young ones; you just never know exactly what they’re going to end up looking like! Might they stay a bit dark? Will they end up with a coat as white as a blanket of snow? Most importantly, will there be dapples? One thing is for certain: now matter how they turn out you’re going to need boatloads of purple shampoo and green-spot remover.

If you feel like taking a chance on a grey today, we picked out three lovely ones available on CANTER to feature in this week’s OTTB Wishlist:

Photo via CANTER Maryland.

Trade the Pick (Exchange Rate – Julie Truly, by Miner’s Mark): 2015 16.2-hand Kentucky bred gelding

This young guy has a long future ahead of him — but not as a racehorse! Trade the Pick has not at all been impressive at the track, running in the rear of the pack of his only two races. He is sound and still in training, but his owners are betting that he’ll click with another sport better than racing and would like to see him move on.

View Trade the Pick on CANTER Maryland.

Photo via CANTER California.

The Grey Mousse (The Pamplemousse – Flag the Mint Down, by Flag Down): 2012 17.0-hand California bred mare

This big eye-catching mare is ready to be your next project! She is sound and athletic, but just isn’t competitive in the races. However, her pedigree hints that she might be a very competitive eventer. Her sire, The Pamplemousee, has already produced some horses who are eventing off the track and he is now being trained for a second career in eventing himself. Will this big lady follow in his footsteps?

View The Grey Mousse on CANTER California.

Photo via CANTER Maryland.

Barcraft (Mizzen Mast – A Party for Two, by Lear Fan): 2014 16.1-hand Kentucky bred gelding

This gelding is another one who is sound and healthy, but has shown in his 13 starts to just not be a competitive race horse. “Crafty” is a sweet horse to be around and his connections say he has an amateur-friendly disposition. He is a light cribber at mealtimes, but it is completely controlled with a collar.

View Barcraft on CANTER Maryland.