Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: New Vocations Edition

This week’s batch of wish-worthy OTTBs all hail from the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. Founded in 1992, New Vocations’ mission is to offer retiring racehorses a safe haven, rehabilitation and continued education through placement in experienced, caring homes.

The program is currently gearing up for its Third Annual All-Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show, to be held Friday, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Kentucky Horse Park. In addition to two days of hunter, jumper and eventing classes, qualified exhibitors will be welcomed to the inaugural edition of The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Championships, held on Sunday, Sept. 10. Here’s your chance to compete in the Rolex main arena! Learn more by visiting the website here.

Here are three New Vocations OTTBs that caught our eye this week:

Photo via New Vocations.

Sharp Omar (Sharp Humor – Best Feature, by El Gran Senor): 2011 15.3-hand Kentucky bred gelding

Sharp Omar has become a personable guy. He runs to the gate to meet you, looking for a peppermint or just a simple scratch on the head. He has a solid build with a good sized barrel that takes up a tall rider’s leg well.

Omar enjoys being ridden outside, has three nice gaits and is started over fences. He needs an experienced rider to further his training. He stands well for the vet and farrier — he is currently wearing front steel shoes and barefoot behind — and bathtime is his favorite time of the day, as he loves to play in the water.

Omar was gelded late as a 6-year-old and still exhibits boyish behavior. His handlers have experimented with different turnout situations and feel that he is best in a private turnout environment. Omar is sound and suitable for any riding discipline. He is looking for an experienced adopter with appropriate accommodations to build a lasting relationship.

Located in Hummelstown, PA.

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Photo via New Vocations.

Riverboat Bandit (Time Bandit – Lady de Yukon, by Yukon): 2007 16.1-hand Louisiana bred gelding

Riverboat Bandit is one of the best types of OTTBs there are — a “war horse” who has been retired sound. A war horse is generally considered a TB who has started 50 or more times or earned over $100k. River raced an incredible 74 times and more impressively finished in the top three of 33 races. He has certainly proven his soundness and durability but what can’t be underappreciated is his heart.

Working under saddle now, he has little things to work on like a tendency to carry himself inverted and improving suppleness. What is irreplaceable is his willingness to learn and superb work ethic. He is not heavy in your hands and is agreeable to several different types of riders. He looks around his surroundings alertly but is not reactive, just aware. River has a ground covering stride and as he figures out his balance his canter is quite fun to ride.

River is just as agreeable on the ground. He is easy to work around and is low in the herd order. He can hold his own well enough that he integrates almost instantly into any group. He doesn’t tend to get involved in any of the wrestling and is loving the time outside on the Kentucky grass. The only thing he is absolutely afraid of so far is cows. He can’t figure out what they are or understand the noises they make. Aside from cows, he doesn’t seem to spook at anything else! River does not have any stall vices.

River is an excellent mount for an intermediate rider. He will do anything his rider asks and could go in just about any direction as far as riding discipline.

Located in Lexington, KY.

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Photo via New Vocations.

Brandt Point (War Front – Viva La Flag, by Rahy): 2014 16.2-hand Kentucky bred gelding

Brandt Point has a dancer’s body, with long, lean lines that are beautiful to watch in motion. He is low-key to handle and has been a gentleman since day one. Brantley is low to middle in the herd. Summertime weather patterns here have been awful on the feet of many horses coming to New Vocations straight from the racetrack so while they did pull his hind shoes initially, they decided it was best for him to wait until fall to continue without them. He is a friendly soul who has not offered to kick any pasture mates so they have kept him in a group and on night turnout for plenty of grazing hours. He does not have any stall vices.

Brantley seemingly floats around the arena — it is almost intoxicating to watch. He has a natural collection although he can get behind the bit. He responds well to voice cues and needs to work on moving off of leg. His movement is so free and fluid, he has incredible potential for sure. Brantley had absolutely no desire to race and was retired sound after one unsuccessful start. He is suitable for all disciplines and will do best with at least an intermediate rider who does not push him too hard too fast. He can develop into an amazing partner for someone who takes their time and makes training fun for him.

Located in Lexington, KY.

View Brandt Point on New Vocations.