Your 2018 Eventing Resolutions and Majyk Equipe 4-Pack Winner!

Photos courtesy of Majyk Equipe.

Last week we challenged you to share your New Year’s resolutions for a chance to win a Boyd Martin Eventing 4-Pack from our fantastic sponsor Majyk Equipe — and you delivered!

We selected our top 10 favorites, which are as follows …

Parand Jalili
In 2018 we will practice purposefully! I’ve found that when I make weekly goal lists, we do much better and we improve more in the long run! My resolution will be to be more diligent with my goal list. I’m excited to see where 2018 will take us!

Tiffany Morey 
My goal for 2018 is simple: for my mare and I to compete in our first event. We’ve been a team for over three years now, and have stuck it out through the various roadblocks that life has thrown at us during that time (torn rider ACL, moving to a different state for grad school). 2018 is going to be the year that we finally get to event!

Sarah Kathryn Bookner
2017 was a long, life changing year for me. And somehow I ended up with a steed of my own, my first after years of catch riding and leasing. He’s incredibly talented, and I look forward to some big achievements with him in 2018. Like: not exuberantly running away with me on cross country, actually galloping through water instead of trying to stop to roll in it, and inventing a new gate lock that will keep him from escaping to eat his buddy’s grain. Every. Time. He’s my best friend, and has taught me more about riding and horsemanship in one year than I thought I knew my whole life. I am focused on some big events with him in 2018, and completing them safely and successfully. You know, along with completing those previously mentioned goals. Ha! Happy New Year, EN Team!

Ashley Harvey
I have a lot of resolutions for 2018, but it all comes down to making Philly proud. Every year since I’ve lost her, I’ve struggled to fill the hole that losing my friend and mentor has left. This winter, I’ve realized that that hole will likely always be there, and I’m going to make sure I live my best life that would keep her smiling and telling me she was proud of me. For 2018, I hope to start the journey for getting my MBA, move my young horse (who Philly found for me) up to (hopefully) Prelim in the fall, and continue to thrive pursuing my career — and not go crazy balancing those three goals.

Suzanne Vogt
I resolve to be the fittest that I can be so that I can work as hard and bring as much to the partnership as I expect of my horse. I resolve to only ask of her that which she is prepared for and able to do. I resolve to follow the mantra: Proper Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. And, of course, I resolve to keep red on the right, white on the left, and to kick on.

Caitlin Edwards
My new years resolution is to be kinder to all paths I cross, both humans and animals. Each encounter we have has the ability to teach us. I want to listen to my horse both in the ring and on the ground in hopes to improve our partnership. I want to cherish each moment I have with him.

Nicki Housley
My New Year’s resolution is to listen to my horse and pick activities/events we both enjoy. So many of us see our horses as a means to compete against others and win ribbons, year-end awards, or sponsorships. As I get older, and so does my horse, I realize the memories I love the most aren’t of us winning, but of us doing fun things together, seeing him happy and enjoying himself. If that doesn’t include competing, and instead involves trail riding through the valley, continuing our stint in mounted shooting, or trying something new like working equitation, then so be it. Every day he is sound and healthy is a blessing [am I right, OTTB owners?!] and as we get older I try to take advantage of that in a positive way!

Sara Doyon
My goals for 2018 are to have a confident, strong season at Beginner Novice with my OTTB gelding (my first ever green horse project) and hopefully move up to Novice. Ultimately I want to finish every event with a smarter, more confident, and of course sound and happy horse!

Jess Owens
For 2018, my resolution is to not puke before competition. I have the BEST horse, sweet and game, and I have worked very hard to be a better rider for her. Here’s to 2018, the year of no heaving!

Desirea Scharenbroich
My 2018 resolution is to try to not to compare myself to everyone else’s FB and IG “highlight reel.” Put in the hard work but mostly just be happy because I have been blessed with the opportunity to ride/show with a sound, willing horse.

And the winner is … Tiffany Morey!

Her prize:

The Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Eventing 4-Pack boots were developed and tested in partnership with Boyd Martin — that’s one heck of a stamp of approval! These boots tick all the boxes: lightweight, breathable, comfortable and durable enough to go the distance on any cross country course. The boot’s features include design elements only found in much more expensive boots:

• Unique shape readily conforms to natural leg shape
• Reinforced breathable mesh outer repels dirt and moisture
• Ultra lightweight, breathable and comfortable
• Four-layer construction
• Built-in interior flexion strike plate flexes four ways for advanced impact protection
• Proprietary anti bacterial bio foam with added perforations
• Double stitched binding and finishing
• USA Velcro® brand long straps for custom adjustment

Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Tiffany. Go Eventing in 2018!