Your Guide to EN’s 6th Annual ‘Insanity in the Middle’ Tailgate, Presented by Amerigo

It’s happy hour all day at the EN LRK3DE Tailgate, presented by Amerigo! Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Eventing Nation has the best readers in the land. And because nothing says “thank you” like free refreshments and swag, we are once again partnering with Amerigo to throw EN’s 6th annual Reader Appreciation Tailgate Party! 

Consider this your official invite.

When: Cross country day! Saturday, April 28, from when the first horse sets out on course until the last horse passes the finish flags.

Where: We’ll be in tailgating spaces S294 and S295, near the jog strip and announcer’s tower overlooking the infield. Red on right, white on left, party in the middle … we’re kind of hard to miss.

What: All the fun, all day long. Stop by to get EN temporary-tatted up, schmooze with a certain celebrity Chinch, quench your thirst, enjoy a snack, and win some sweet swag.

This year we’re excited to feature a signature cocktail, a lavender lemonade featuring vodka from the fine folks at Prohibition Distillery in Roscoe, New York!

Always the life of the party. Photo by Leslie Wylie.


  • Submit your best “What’s the REAL Story Behind Chinch?” conspiracy theory for a chance to win prizes from Amerigo.
  • Pick up a W.W.MJ.D. wristband!
  • Are you the proud horse parent of a CANTER adoptee? Grab a free shirt or hat from CANTER USA.

    What would Michael do? Win, clearly!!! #ThisAintNoRolex

Why: Because you’re awesome.

We’re expecting a few eventing celebs to stop by — keep an eye on EN’s Twitter (@eventingnation) and Instagram (@goeventing) for updates!

Go eventing party people!

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