10 Gifts to Pick Up During SmartPak’s Extended Holiday Sale

For better or worse, we’re into holiday shopping season already. If you’re like me, you run the gauntlet of really-on-top-of-sh*t to oh-snap-it’s-Christmas-Eve each year. I tried to be pretty on top of my shopping this year because I can’t say no to a good sale, so if you’re in the same boat you’ll want to take advantage of our partner SmartPak’s extended Black Friday sale. You’ll save 15% off just about anything on your list and you’ll also receive a free gift with your purchase using code BF2021.

I’m a big fan of gift lists, so we went through and picked out some items that are just asking to be gifted to your kid, coach, barn bestie or even yourself this holiday season. I’ve also included excerpts from top reviews, if available, from SmartPak shoppers for each item to help ease your decision along. Happy shopping!

1. A gorgeous SmartPak Soft Padded Leather Halter

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

With 18 colors to choose from and customization available (be sure to order ASAP to avoid shipping delays!), this halter is sure to please the color-coordinated rider on your list.

Top review: “I have a fine boned 4 year old 15.3 OTTB gelding and felt that typical horse sized halters looked large on him. I opted for a Cob size and am glad I did. It fits perfectly on either the second to last or last hole on all buckles – but I feel like a horse size still would have been too big, so I’m satisfied with the size. Leather is SO high quality and buttery soft. Too nice to be used as an everyday halter but will be great for shows!” – Molly

2. A full-length Piper Trainer’s Coat for the always-cold coach

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

TBH, I probably owe all of my former coaches this sort of gift for making them stand out in the cold telling me to put my shoulders back repeatedly. Coaches are saints, aren’t they?

Top review: “Bought this jacket to wear as I am a Florida girl now living in Tennessee. I ABSOLUTELY love this jacket! It’s very warm! Fits to the body but allows movement in the arms and waist/hips to comfortably ride in without getting too bulky! Great for all around barn chores, coaching, and riding! Highly recommend!” – Jrockster

3. For the color-crazy: a SmartPak Classic Ombre Dressage Saddle Pad

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

Three colors are available for this pad, which features comfortable cushioning and a contoured shape.

Top review: “I bought this pad as soon as SmartPak released it. I was not disappointed. It’s just stunning on my horse. It’s well made, and fits him beautifully. I love the fact that the saddle doesn’t slip on the material, like other brands. For the price point, you must get this. It’s beautiful.” – tana317

4. Because blanket care is always a drag — a Blanket Care Bundle

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

Tough on dirt but gentle enough not to damage waterproofing properties, the SmartPak Blanket Care Bundle features Stain & Odor Remover, Blanket Wash and Blanket Waterproofing Spray to help keep your blankets in top condition (despite the beating our horses insist on giving them!).

5. For the barn dogs: an Amigo Ripstop Dog Blanket

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

I may live in Southern California, but my dog has enough coats to get him through a Northeastern winter (listen, he looks cute in them ok?). I’m a huge fan of Amigo’s dog blankets for their fit and quality.

6. For the one who’s always hot: a Mobile Cooling HydroLogic Vest

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

This light vest provides quick, water-activated cooling relief, making it a perfect addition to throw on for a summer lesson or cross country school. I saw several riders donning ice or cooling vests in Tokyo, so I guess call me a bandwagon-jumper! Pro tip: You can also add ice packs to this vest for additional cooling action!

Top review: “…This updated model actually has ice packs to put into specific pockets to work even better…my old one was only a dip wet and wear vest…this one works better and longer…bravo…it really keeps your core cooled down.” – Frannie

7. The always-popular Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

I love a good deal, and finding my favorite items on sale turns into an ongoing scavenger hunt this time of year. I was pleased to see the popular Micklem bridle is eligible for this 15% off sale!

Top review: “You will notice a difference in you horse the first time you put it on. They are more likely to cooperate with less pressure on the reins, head tossing or similar behaviors. I use both of the small straps for the bit, my horse likes the division of pressure between the nose band and directly on the mouth. In addition to dressage, I do a great deal of trial riding and the willingness to push into the bit makes for a much more pleasant ride, while building up the horses back and hindquarters on hills and and galloping through the meadows with a completely relaxed horse.” – Susan

8. A C4 Classic Belt & Buckle

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

Eventers adopted C4 as their go-to belt many years ago thanks to the determined efforts of the late Jon Sonkin, who helped bring the brand to the forefront of riders’ minds. Today, C4 continues to be a popular option with its adjustability and customizable features. There are 27 colors and patterns to select from in SmartPak’s catalog, so you’re bound to land on the right fit for the eventer on your shopping list.

Top review: “I have 2 other C4 belts, so it was a no brainer to buy 2 more! They hold up great, and the solid colors are casual enough that I can work them into my every day wardrobe, instead of just using them for riding. Love that theyre cut to size, so it’s always a perfect fit.” – ElleRose

9. A stylish Piper Down Vest

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

I love a good vest for layering, especially when I’m at a show that starts off cold and finishes warm. A vest over a thin long sleeve is my go-to outfit of choice for cooler days, and you really can’t go wrong with the affordable Piper line! This vest is available in three colors. You can also add monogramming to your order.

Top review: “I bought the cobalt color and love it! This is perfect for cool and cold weather riding! It is quite warm and fits true to size.” – Debby

10. Recover in style with a set of Rambo Ionic Stable Boots

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

These easy-to-use boots, which once a horse is acclimated can be worn without time limits, combine the benefits of compression and negative ion therapy to help with increasing circulation, stimulating metabolism, and increasing oxygen delivery to cells and tissue.

Top review: “My horse is older, 17, and whenever I have a lesson or school her o/f or work on conditioning her in the fields with lots of trotting uphills she retains lots of fluid in her legs overnight in her stall. Instead of having her end up being a horse that needs to be wrapped every night I thought I’d try these boots. I put them on her at her supper time which is around 6pm and take them off at night check around 11pm. The next morning her legs always look perfect. There is no fluid build up anymore. I’m so happy with these boots. I feel like they have given me more years of jumping my mare into her senior years.” – EverSoClever

To view all products eligible for the SmartPak holiday sale, click here. Today is the final day of the sale, and as a free gift you’ll receive a $50 SmartPak gift certificate with your purchase of $200 or more.