1,162 Reasons to Be Thankful on Cross Country Day at the 2021 Kentucky Three-Day Event

Kentucky in springtime. Photo by Sally Spickard.

After what feels like a very, very long time, here we are on the morning of cross country at the Kentucky Three-Day Event. It’s hard to believe just a few months ago the event was nearly coming off the calendar. At the time, it felt like an impossible dream, but a few very special people in our sport stepped up to keep Kentucky in 2021.

On this, the best day of the year, we want to take a moment to recognize the hundreds of people who donated toward the running of the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. To those whose names are included below, thank you. We quite literally wouldn’t be here without you. Go eventing.

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Manton Foundation


Anita Annatucci / David Voss, Nina Bonnie, Supporters of Will Coleman: Wade Coleman, John Burgess, Rimora Foundation, Gilbert Thompson, Lyda White, Annie Eldridge, Supporters of Will Faudree: Kirkland and Jennifer Mosing, Sandra Anne Frazier, Gloria Callahan Gaines, Anne & Mike Hampton, Alston Kerr, Mason Lane LLC/Harrods Creek Farm, Austin & Janie Musselman, Edith Rameika, Reinberger Foundation, Stonehall Farm, Jenny Sutton


Sharon Anthony, Holiday Banta, Dave Baugh, Andrea Baxter, Beardsley Foundation, Lynne Bjornstrom, Beatrice Cassou, LuLu Davis, Donna Donaghy, Sophie DuPont, Harold and Nanette Eichell, Kathleen Elliott Ellington, Jana Etheridge, Nina Gardner, Denis Glaccum, Charlotte Harrixs, Mark Hart, Timothy Holekamp, Kimberly Iuele, Brenda Jarrell, Kelly Langerak, Carla MacLeod, Marin Community Foundation, Dan Michaels, Pavla Nygaard, Katherine OBrien, Justin Osborne, Lynne Partridge, Molly Pellegrini, Cheryl Quick, Elizabeth Reagan, Susanne Richey, Meaghan Richmond, Patricia Ruppel, Colleen Rutledge, Katherine Scovil, Barb Skelton, Joy Van Noy, Lynne Vettel, Louise Whittet, M. Robert Willmarth, C. Dianne Young


Ellen Ahearn, Sharyn Antico, Christine Aytug, Marissa Baderschneider, Gretchen Baumgardner, Dionne Benson, Jane Beshear, Carmen Bowles, Wende Briggs, Karen Bristing, Meaghan Burdick, Caroline Champagne, Cherie Chauvin, James Chiapetta, Amy Click, Sarah Cundith, Susan Day, Derek and Bea di Grazia, Melanie Fransen, Kristie Gill, Michele Haman, Jeffrey Haynie, Demmi Hersh, Mary Hinton, Lauren Jorgensen, Lynne Kaye, Annette Kenny, Chip Klunick, Nathan Larson, Leslie Law, Don and Anita Leschied, Kimberly Loveless, Michele McCarty, Sara Mittleider, Howard Moore, Jonelle Price, Melissa Protigal, Christine Quinn, Suzanne Quinn, Edith Rameika, Brandye Randermann, Terry Randolph, Emery Reagan, Amelia Renkert-Thomas, Shelley Ryan, Heather Scott-Molleda, Alexandra Scovil, Lynne Shamay, Margie Shoop, Jebb Simpson, Katherine Smith, Paul Sprague, Tamatha Stevens, Chris Talley, Elizabeth Thieriot, Jon Thompson, Russell Tucker, Laura VanderVliet, Laura Werner, Mike & Jan Whitehouse, Glenn Wilson