12 Everyday Things Eventers Saw and Thought ‘I Bet I Could Jump That’

An excellent test of straightness and honesty. Photo by Leslie Wylie. An excellent test of straightness and honesty. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

In one of my favorite blog posts of all time, ammy-adult eventer Holly Ratcliff confesses that she “would much rather jump one of the red concrete balls in the Target parking lot” than a show jump vertical.

From Holly’s blog, Shoes, shoes, shoes… and horses: “Am I the only person who sees average and run-of-the-mill objects in everyday life as potential cross country fences? Even though it is skinny, round and red, I just think the Target ball has a more inviting shape. I am really struggling to feel balanced down to verticals of late. Maybe I’m just out of practice, or maybe it’s a perspective issue. It will get better with time this spring… Now, to test my theoretical bravery against the Target ball. Do you dare me?”

Holly, we like your spirit but we’re just gonna go ahead and say that schooling skinnies in the Target parking lot is probably not a great idea. However, you are not alone in your urge to jump all the things, whether they were meant to be jumped or not.

The EN readership is full of “visionaries” just like you. Exhibit A…

Some people see firewood… I see potential XC jumps #eventerproblems #insanityinthemiddle @goeventing #ottb A photo posted by Brenlow Properties, LLC (@brenlowproperties) on

All I see is a xc jump potential here #eventerproblems

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When your out mowing and you see the perfect hanging log!#eventerproblems #ratherbejumping #jumpthethings A photo posted by Courtney Haessly (@foxridgestable) on

And bonus points to this pair for just going for it!

Fence posts are handy. #eventerproblems #eventing #thoroughbredsofinstagram #learneq #teamsupercool

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Go Eventing.