Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: No Crying Over Spilt OJ for Wallace Eventing

Team Tredstep ambassador Elisa Wallace’s latest vlog starts off with a stroke of accidentally brilliant product placement, when Elisa spills orange juice all over her Tredstep Ireland Symphony Breeches. No worries, though! She swipes it right off her lap thanks to the fabric’s “NanoSphere” technology.

What is this magical “NanoSphere” technology, you ask? It sounds like something NASA invented, and to be honest these things really should win some sort of Nobel Prize for Advancements in Space Age Equestrian Attire.

Tredstep explains how they work: “A new era in clothing, this natural non-stick and self cleaning process is transferred to the surface of the fabric by means of nano-technology. The result is NanoSphere. Splashes and annoying stains don’t have a chance. Ketchup, honey, coffee, red wine, oil and grease, as well as water of course, simply run off the nano-surface, even after numerous washes.”

If you thought Elisa’s OJ fail was exciting, check out this video of the breeches being slathered with all manner of ordinarily lethal-to-fabric substances. The breeches are available in several high-performance styles for men and women, including knee-patch, full-seat and side-zip, and colors — including white! 


Courtesy of Morgane Schmidt, whose “The Idea of Order” comic appears on Horse Nation every Wednesday.

And the design features are cutting-edge as well–a symphony, one might say, of comfort, fit, aesthetics and performance (see our EN review of the Argenta breech here). Basically they are the riding pants we have been waiting our whole lives for. 

Click here to learn more and grab a pair for yourself from our friends at SmartPak, so you too can play fast and loose with a cup of OJ, coffee, red wine or other messy beverage of your choice.