2019 USEA Intercollegiate Championship Roll Call: Dawgs & Tigers & Bama, Oh My!

Streamers have been strung, pom-poms have been packed, and school spirit has reached electric highs at Chattahoochee Hills in Fairburn, Georgia where the fourth annual USEA Intercollegiate Championship is underway.

Be sure to follow the USEA on Instagram — make sure to watch their story for coverage of last evening’s opening ceremonies — and visit their website for all the latest coverage. Want to learn more about these athletes? Check out the USEA’s handy preview that will give you even more insight.

The Championship includes 89 entries from 16 colleges and universities — the highest numbers in the program’s young history. From top to bottom in alphabetical order (no favorites here!) here’s who you’ll see competing this weekend:

Intercollegiate Championship: Website, Ride Times, Live Scores, EN’s Coverage

Auburn University — Team Motto: “War Eagle”

Auburn Blue: Cari Budny, Maris Barden, Sallie Johnson and Jennifer Mulholland

Auburn Orange: Dorothy Dreelin, Aubrey Wagner, Sallie Johnson and Isabel Franklin

Auburn Tigers: Emma Bush, Dorothy Dreelin, Meredith Kramer and Katelyn Finch

University of Alabama — Team Motto: “Teammates and Best Friends” — Sara Watkiss, Camryn Chapman, Emma Stokes and Caroline Nagrodsky

Bridgewater College / University of Virginia — Connor Poe, Natalie ellis, Jessie Schwartz

Clemson University  — Team Motto: “This is why we work” — Mary Kate Grubbs, Sammi Messamer, Emily Martin and April Crawford

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University of Findlay — Team Motto: “Get Oily” — Nicki Stewart, Katie Wilkins, Isabella Galbo O’Brien and Ellie Hill

University of Florida  — Team Motto: “In all kinds of weather we’ll all stick together for F-L-O-R-I-D-A” — Katie Szewczyk, Tara Astoske, Sedona Iodice and Kaley Rak

Florida State University  — Team Core Values: “Work hard, have fun, and put the horse first” — FSU/Clemson: Emma Taylor (FSU), Nicole Nunez (FSU), Alison Mazzacco (FSU), and Abbi Merck (Clemson)

University of Georgia — Team Motto: “UGA Eventing IS insanity in the middle”

UGA Red: Erin Jarboe, Annabelle Kremer, Emily Cardin and Sierra Shurtz

UGA Black: Madisen Riebock, Emily Cardin, Clara Lenhart and Jasmine Hawkins

Alabama/UGA: Jessica Simons (UGA), Sierra Shurtz (UGA) and Caroline Nagrodsky (Bama)

University of Kentucky — Team Motto: “You can hear UK coming from a mile away”

UK Wildcats: Jackie LeMastus, Claire Rowlands, Katie Hargerty and Cora Severs

UK Blue: Macy Clark, Jackie LeMastus, Elizabeth Silvia-Chandley and Mia Fox

UK White/USC Aiken: Justin Bray (UK), Shannon McCall (UK), Lillian Dobat (UK) and Jessica Wymbs (USC Aiken)

University of Louisville / Virginia Tech  — Team Motto: “We may not always come in first, but we are still winning!” — Paige Thompson, Darby Weerstra, Grace Lakeman and Abigail Winfree

North Carolina State University — Team Motto: “We’re the red and white from NC State and we know we are the best!” — Maddie Edwards, Miranda Levin, Jenna Marrocco and Katie Younce

Texas A&M University — Team Motto: “Aggie Fearless — on every fence” — Hannah Ayoub, Anna Birgisson, Kaitlyn Harkin and Sierra Roney

Transylvania University — Team Motto: “Bat to the bone”

Team Transylvania: Abby Blackburn, Stevee Candrl, Amanda Haw and Maddie Cease

Team Pioneers: Abby Blackburn, Jessica Dees and Maddie Cease

University of the South — Team Quote: “There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man.” -Winston Churchill — Anna Duggan, Alexa Sinha, Margaret Whisenhunt and Catherine Walthall

University of South Carolina, Aiken

USC Aiken Blue: Sarah Cundith, Keileigh McMurray, Brooke Webb and Amanda Fisher

USC Aiken Red: Bailey Hamilton, Virginia Quarles, Sophie Miller and Kristen LaVassar

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