5 Questions for the Win: Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood and Woodstock Wallaby. Photo by Leslie Wylie. Ryan Wood and Woodstock Wallaby. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Ryan Wood had a pretty solid Thursday. He and Woodstock Bennett set the pace in the CCI2*, sharing the lead with Sharon White throughout the morning and ending up tied for fifth at the end of the day.

With four horses running this weekend — two in the CCI2* and two in the CCI3* — we figure that an extra helping of EN karma can’t hurt. Well, you’re in luck, Ryan!

Each day here at Bromont we’re doling out a big scoop of good luck vibes to a deserving CCI3* rider … but there’s a catch. They have to answer five random questions on one of our favorite subjects — winning — on camera, on the spot. There are no right answers, but it does take a fair amount of bravery to play “ask anything” with the Internet’s most no-holds-barred eventing website. Fortune favors the bold!

We caught up with Ryan yesterday after dressage to offer our karmic services. The perennial good sport, he nodded his head like a champ with only the faintest trace of fear in his eyes.

Thanks for playing, Ryan. Hope that karma treats you well, and good luck this weekend!

Alléz Concours Complet!

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