6th Annual EN Blogger Contest: And the Winner Is …

“Can’t we just call it a tie?”

As we neared the finish line of the 6th annual EN Blogger Contest, there was a great deal of debate among the EN staff about whether we could bend the rules a little — just this once! — and declare multiple winners. Considering the quality of work brought to the table by this year’s batch of finalists, it seemed the only befitting conclusion.

Ultimately, however, we knew that even if it was a photo finish only one blogger could come out on top.

We hemmed and hawed and gave our readership the opportunity to weigh in, putting it to a vote last week. While the votes were not the sole determining factor in our decision, we factored in your favorites while also considering our current staff needs.

So, without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of this year’s EN Blogger Contest is…


Photo courtesy of Kathy Carter.

Kathy Carter!

Kathy is our first UK-based Blogger Contest winner, and as our readership has become increasingly international in scope, we’re excited to have an ear to the ground on Kathy’s side of the pond.

Meet Kathy:

Kathy Carter is an armchair eventing-enthusiast, Mum, business owner and writer. She owns a talented Irish Sports Horse that is in recovery from a serious illness, and whose mission in life is seemingly to bankrupt his owner and eat her out of house and home. Kathy worked with horses as a riding instructor and groom in a former life, including grooming for a Dutch Olympic eventer, before seeing sense and pursuing a career in media. She has a penchant for post-child’s bedtime Merlot, and a ’70s soft rock habit.

Welcome to the EN team, Kathy!

You can look forward to reading Kathy’s work on EN on a regular basis — we certainly are.

Many thanks once again to each and every one of our participants this year, as well as to our readers for their continued support. Go Eventing!