A Horse Of A Different Color


Now that winter and cool temperatures are back for good in New England, I like to do my barn chores and come back inside for my second breakfast of the day. While downing my umpteenth cup of coffee, I always like trolling around online reading about and looking for cool horse stories. This morning, I stumbled across this interesting article about a 2-year-old pure Spanish colt named “Pearl Of Peace,” or “Oro,” which means GOLD in Spanish. Oro is unique because he is a genetic rarity. This colt is the only one of this breed in Britain that has the double pearl and double black gene. What exactly does this mean, you may be wondering?

Well, according to this Horsetalk article: “Oro’s colouring is a result of the reaction of the pearl gene (a coat dilution modifier) upon a bay coat, turning it into a bright gold.”  Oro is by the double pearl stallion Impetuoso Gap II, and he is out of  Vega X, by Inesperada II and out of Lastur, by Gaucho III (who was a top dressage stallions in the USA and was shortlisted to compete in the 2000 Sydney Olympics). This little guy is expected to turn into quite the fancy dressage horse, and he has over 200,000 followers on FB!

A short video clip of the rare colored horse Oro — seems like a cool dude!


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