A Message From Stable View

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

Time and time again, Stable View in Aiken, South Carolina has proven itself as one of the most conscientious and safety-first event venues in the country. That a fatal cross country schooling accident, involving a very experienced rider and horse over a Training Level obstacle, took place last month is evidence that there is no matter how many precautions and provisions are in place, equestrian sport is inherently risky.

Irregardless, Stable View has clearly taken the incident to heart in a profound manner, examining and cross-examining itself to locate the best path forward while honoring a life lost. It has been EN’s experience with the venue’s owners that this is representative of their spirit: heart always on their sleeves, invested in the equestrian community not as a business but as a family.

After canceling all competitions and closing for two weeks following the accident, Stable View issued the following message:

The past two weeks has given all of us at Stable View a period of time to reflect.

Although the following proposals would not have mitigated this tragedy, we hope to learn and improve as a facility.

With due respect to those no longer with us, the following initiatives have been taken…

  • The Stars and Stripes, Union Jack and South Carolina flags have been returned to their positions above the Pavilion.
  • Close to the Schooling Field entrance we are going to install a Blue Light Call Station. This will be connected to 911 and the Stable View Office.
  • We are going to upgrade our security camera — at present this is an aid for us so that we can see if anyone is riding. We’ll upgrade the system to show greater detail and provide more useful information from stored data
  • Over the past two weeks, Stable View staff have been trained in CPR and AED.
  • AED machine to be positioned by existing entry signage.
  • New Emergency Information notice to be positioned by entry signage

In addition, we are undertaking the following…

  • A Magnolia Grandiflora has been planted in the Cross Country Schooling Field
  • One of the islands on the old cross country course is to become a natural Memorial Garden
  • There will be a Moment of Silence prior to Cross Country at the August Eventing Academy also the start of Oktoberfest 4* Cross Country.

Thank you for your diligence and sensitivity, Stable View. Rest in peace, Annie.

Go Eventing.