A Rolex Style Social Media Dressage Conclusion

The original Rolex master herself: Kim Severson riding Sharky! I mean, Sparky.... Photo by Michelle Dunn.

The original Rolex master herself: Kim Severson riding Sharky! I mean, Sparky…. Photo by Michelle Dunn.

A whirlwind two day packed full of action and you ask, what more coverage could you possibly want from your favorite Eventing and Insanity news source? Well, never fear, we are here to do a bit of social media stalking for your enjoyment as well. Do not refrain from delighting in these posts from riders, grooms, owners and fans as we all journey through Rolex weekend together!


While the riders walk their course feverishly tonight, the super grooms and the horses take to grazing on the luscious Kentucky bluegrass. And maybe a little bit of cross country eyeballing from Doug Payne’s mount, Vandiver.


Photo by Brook Martin.

Photo by Brook Martin.

Is there a stylish baby competition going on here at Rolex?? Maybe. Nox just upped the ante by sporting a custom SmartPak hoodie.



Michael Jung: eventing champion and excellent at posing for photos. He’s gotta be practiced by now right?



#TeamTate had a pretty good day, with the French Princess putting in a 47.6 for 18th place after the first phase.



Sir Anthony Patch was ready for cross country today! Lainey dealt with the shenanigans with her usual smile on her face, after all, what are ya gonna do? Albert, behave yourself!

Photo by Cindy Lawler.

Photo by Cindy Lawler.

Matchy matchy much, boys? Australian duo set out to kick ass and take names on Fernhill Cubalawn and Shamwari.


After kicking butt in her second Rolex dressage test on Simply Priceless, Elisa Wallace changed tact to do a mustang demo with Rune and Fledge, to the delight of the crowds. Check out the video here!

Photo by Brooke Schafer.

Photo by Brooke Schafer.

Ellen Doughty-Hume’s Sir Oberon knows the best way to prepare for cross country at Rolex is to REALLY enjoy a nice massage after dressage.


Seriously though, these horses know how to relax and get spoiled. Leah Lang-Gluscic’s OTTB AP Prime enjoys his equivibe while getting pampered by his posse.

Who let Joan loose on the @rk3de_official trade fair?! #eventing #rk3de

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