A Social Media Tribute To Lives Lost

Photo tweeted by @HorseHour today.

Photo tweeted by @HorseHour today.

While our Social Media roundup posts are generally light-hearted and include as many fun aspects as possible, on a day like today, it seems inappropriate. Today, many of us heard the news of the three terrible fatalities through Facebook or Twitter, and following that, used them to send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences out to those most deeply affected by the tragedies. While the sadness that we all feel cannot be denied, there is some small comfort to be found in the community of Eventing enthusiasts, who, no matter where they were today, banded together and sent healing thoughts into the world. No matter what your connections to Benjamin Winter, Jordan McDonald or Liberal may be, your empathy and love is greatly appreciated from all corners of the world.

It was nearly impossible to go online today without seeing outpourings of love, support and sympathy from riders and horse lovers everywhere.








While we are all still mourning our losses and feeling a bit numb from the tragic accidents of today, we must also recognize that there were some bright spots, and celebrate the success of those who triumphed. Our sport will always be one that can take you to places you only dreamed of, but also full of gut wrenching low points. We can only hope that the devastating effects of today will encourage a change that will positively affect the rest of the equestrian world.


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