A Successful Cross Country Day, and Other Social Media Happenings


I’m not going to lie: I’m pretty bummed that I can’t title this post “California Chrome’s Social Media Roundup” or “I JUST WITNESSED A TRIPLE CROWN WINNER AND OTHER THINGS THAT HAPPENED TODAY”. The folks at Horse Racing Nation (no affiliation) made this picture that you see above, and it pretty much sums it up for me. What a fabulous horse.

In other news, we had a great day of cross country conclude in Canada, and a very wet and muddy day of action at Bramham. The CCI3* at Bromont was a tale of redemption for many of the riders, while the results from Bramham just remind us that WFP is the master of all things eventing. Click on the links below for excellent coverage for all the divisions on both sides of the pond.

[WFP Wins Bramham] [Erin Sylvester Leads Bromont CCI3*]

[Buck Continues to Win CCI*] [Lauren Kieffer Holds Top Spot in CCI2*]

Eventers out west competing at Copper Meadows this weekend gathered together and huddled under a tent to watch the Belmont Stakes, all cheering for California Chrome! Sadly, as we all know, Chrome just couldn’t cut it, and Tonalist took home the spoils.

"Eventers cheering on California Chrome!!! "

“Eventers cheering on California Chrome!!! “

But, as anybody in the horse business knows, that’s just horses. They take your ambitions and your dreams all the way to the top, and then sometimes you’re greatly disappointed. Kyle Carter has a good point here …

Mark Todd didn’t actually go swimming today, but somebody did catch this great photo of him competing in the lovely “summer” weather at Bramham. You might as well just go for a swim in the lake, Toddy; it’s the same either way!

In contrast, the weather at Bromont couldn’t have been nicer! Check out this photo, courtesy of PRO FB page, starring Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair coming home off their first CCI3* course.


Lizzie Snow killed it today on cross country with Coal Creek, winning the award for the closest to the optimum time for the Under 25 section. They are currently in 5th place overnight.

All of Mackenna Shea’s determination and perseverance paid off today, as they sit in 3rd place overnight in the CCI3* at Bromont. They finished the course clean with time penalties, and I’m sure a huge grin on her face! Her coach Tamie Smith, who couldn’t be there this weekend, gushed about her pride from across the country.

Unfortunately, California Chrome’s owner Steve Coburn left a yucky taste in our mouths with his post-race rant about why his horse couldn’t win the race. Short version: He thinks that horses running in the Belmont should be required to have also run in the Derby and the Preakness, so that a fresh horse like Tonalist can’t come in and ruin it all for horses that are clearly more tired from their tough spring schedule. Here’s an annoying Vine to help you imagine what he sounded like.

In response to that ridiculous interview, we have to say that we agree with you, Danica!


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