An Update on Kailey Giancola

Kailey Giancola and her two-star horse Saturday Night Clive. Photo by Brant Gamma.

As families gathered for holiday festivities yesterday, so has the eventing community gathered around Kailey Giancola, who has been in a coma since falling from her horse last Monday, Dec. 16. Well wishes for the 25-year-old have poured in from near and far, and a fund that was started to help towards Kailey’s medical bills has reached $40,000 in seven days.

Laura Welsh, for whom Kailey has been working as groom and rider, shared that Kailey’s family has been amazed at the outreach and is so appreciative. She kindly provided us this update on Christmas evening:

“Kailey has continued to make great strides forward in the Neurointensive Care Unit at UF Shands (Gainesville, Florida). Her wonderful medical team of doctors and nurses is taking exceptional care of her.

“While Kailey remains in a coma, she has continued to demonstrate movement in her right side and fluttering of both eyelids. She is still on a ventilator, but initiates every breath on her own. Her intracranial pressure has been decreasing over the last 48 hours.

“Kailey is scheduled for a tracheostomy and gastrostomy as soon as the surgical trauma team is available, which will be the next step towards discontinuing use of the ventilator.

“Kailey has been practicing holding the reins and having a ‘riding lesson’ every day. She spent part of her Christmas morning listening to commentary from Great Meadow’s cross country.

“Once Kailey is stable enough to be released from intensive care, she will be transported to a neurorehabilitation center to begin steps towards recovery, and it is our greatest hope that she will ride again.

“This Christmas, we are all so grateful for the equestrian community’s continued support of Kailey, and appreciate every single dollar that has been contributed to her GoFundMe.”

Keep kicking, Kailey! We’re all rooting for you.