Andrea’s Return to the Maccabiah Games: Rallying for Team Rounds 1 & 2

Two summers ago, EN readers followed the story of Andrea Glazer, an eventer among Grand Prix show jumpers at the 2017 Maccabiah Games. She catch rode an unfamiliar horse over 1.20-meter (3’9″) and above show jumping courses to help Team USA earn the silver medal, and was selected to represent the team once again at the 2019 European Maccabiah Games in Budapest, Hungary. Today, she reports on how the Games went — spoiler alert: Andrea is a bada$$. Read more at her blog, Dre the Zookeeper

The morning of the competition, both Arly and I headed to the barn at 7:30 a.m. for a quick flat ride before gearing up to compete. I was excited for any opportunity to ride Nando – his changes are automatic, his lateral work is effortless, and to top it off, he’s so pretty that people can’t help but stare at him! Also, any opportunity I had to get to know the horse better, I took full advantage of. With the grounds still being quiet as most riders hadn’t arrived yet, Nando was quiet and relaxed during our flat ride. We rode around for 30 minutes or so, and took them back to the stables where Victoria took them from us to give them a quick bath and finish up their braids (best braids ever, might I add).

Photo courtesy of Andrea Glazer.

I headed towards the ring as the course was open to be walked. The jumps used in the course were similar to the ones we were able to school in the practice round, but they were a bit higher. The course consisted of multiple related distances, big square oxers, a triple combination, and a liverpool – nothing too daunting on the horses I normally compete, but on a horse I had only spent one day getting to know, it wasn’t going to be an easy task to say the least.

Another tricky part of this competition was that we didn’t have our own team coach. Luckily, Carly brought her coach, David Blake, and Arly is a trainer herself so after I walked the course, I would consult them both to make sure all of my plans aligned with theirs, and listen to any input Arly had on how she felt Nando would handle the course.

After reviewing the course and walking it enough times that it was engrained in my brain, I went back to the barn to get on Nando. I put on my GPA helmet (trying to fit in don’t forget), my black gloves (show jumpers never wear white gloves), and my pinque coat (the highlight of my life is wearing this coat), and I was headed towards the ring to warm-up.