Announcing the Achieve Equine #SuperGrooms of the Year

Hannah Black with Jennie Brannigan’s Twilightslastgleam and Stella Artois. Photo by Abby Powell.

It’s that time! We received a multitude of nominations for our end of year #SuperGroom award, presented by Achieve Equine, and while we found the task to be nearly impossible, we let the nominations speak for themselves.

So, without further ado, we’re pleased to crown not just one but two #SuperGrooms to Rule Them All! Receiving four separate nominations each and taking home this year’s award are:

  • Stephanie Simpson (head cat wrangler, Boyd Martin)
  • Hannah Black (resident bad ass, Jennie Brannigan)

Stephanie Simpson and Tsetserleg in Tokyo. Photo via Stephanie Simpson.

Here are a few excerpts from the nominations these grooms received:

Stephanie Simpson: “Not only is she the backbone of the Windurra operation, she will always offer or arrange to help anyone if needed or asked. Doesn’t matter how busy she is, she will help with a smile on her face and a friendly word of encouragement. She is a true advocate for the horses and an amazing horsewoman.”

Stephanie Simpson: “No matter what the horses always come first and the attention to detail and care never wavers. She will fly to Europe one week and then groom 6 young horses at the next week and gives every horse the same care. She is truly one in a million and over my 10 years with Boyd I’ve seen many grooms come and go and she is hands down the top one.”

Hannah Black: “Hannah is an incredibly hard worker, extremely detail oriented, and can make a horse look better than absolutely anyone else can!!! Her horses – no matter how many Jennie is riding – always look immaculate.”

We’d also like to make an Honorable Mention for a very special nomination we received for one Mark Rowland, who was nominated for his skills as horse husband and #supergroom:

“Mark is the definition of a super groom, being from UK originally, and a bit old school, he always makes sure not only that a horse is turned out properly, but he goes above and beyond with making sure anyone’s horses needs are met from our barn, not just mine. Mark is most at home working with horses, they shine for him, he can also muck a stall like no one else lol, but really, the horses always look amazing. He is also an artist so he can free hand a quarter mark with the precision of a master painter, and takes pride in raking an aisle or shedrow to perfection. Our entire barn leans on Mark at events, he is quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs extra help, especially when it comes to studs. I’m back riding an competing after 37 years away from the saddle, I count on Mark in so many ways, he gives me confidence to spread my wings and soar, polished boots and all. Cheers to all the supergrooms, mine is extra special as he warms up my side of the bed at night so I don’t get into cold sheets. Mark Rowland is the best groom and husband and I couldn’t be a prouder wife.”

These fantastic and hardworking grooms will receive prizes from Achieve Equine to start their 2024 with a bang. Stay tuned for many more #SuperGroom profiles coming your way soon, and as always – Go Eventing!

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