Announcing the Blogger Contest Final Four

We were once again blown away with superbly written entries for Round 2 of our Fourth Annual Blogger Contest. After a lot of deliberation and perhaps a smidge of chinchilla input, we’ve narrowed the field down to our final four contestants. Congratulations to Wendy Angel, Maggie Deatrick, Lynn Garvin, and Rolex Husband!

Stay tuned for a brief introduction post on our four finalists, as they have each sent in a short bio for us to share with you.

We will also be posting the Round 2 winners’ entries on Bloggers Row this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for their entries, and please leave feedback in the comments.

Meanwhile, our finalists will be hard at work on their final assignment that will determine EN’s Next Top Model newest chinchilla wrangler.

Final Round Assignment, due Tuesday, July 15 at 5 p.m. EST:

EN’s resident freedom fighter Chinch is on a mission to better the sport of eventing. You’ve seen his campaign to return freedom of tweets to British Eventing members, and now he wants to write a letter of demands to the FEI. Help Chinch write his letter with at least three demands.

Best of luck to our finalists!


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