Taylor McFall Starts Her Own Fundraising Effort to Purchase Her Pony

Taylor and Prince with coach Hawley Bennett. Photo courtesy of Jen McFall. Taylor and Prince with coach Hawley Bennett. Photo courtesy of Jen McFall.

This just may win for the best idea of all time. Recently, we posted a guest blog by California eventer Jen McFall, whose daughter Taylor has begun eventing and is leasing a pony named Kilbarry Prince. Prince is a 12-year-old Connemara gelding who has been Taylor’s partner as she steps up to the Novice level.

Already a competitor, Taylor is always mindful of ways she can improve. She receives coaching from Cori Davis at home and also is helped by Hawley Bennett-Awad and Lauren Billys while at competitions. One of the biggest things Jen has worked to instill in her 11-year-old daughter is the sense of responsibility that comes with being involved with horses, she said.

“I started a conversation with her to prepare her for the fact that our lease on Prince was up in November,” Jen said. “I wanted her to know that he would most likely be going to a new home, as we couldn’t afford to purchase him. She thought about this for awhile and came back to me saying that she would like to buy him. She said she didn’t want to lose him, so I told her that she could do something and maybe raise the money.”

tack cleaning

Taylor didn’t need to be told twice and immediately set about making plans to raise the funds to purchase her beloved pony. She came up with three ways to raise money: truck washes, tack cleaning and horse treats.

Taylor plans to kick off her efforts at Rebecca Farm on July 24-27. “You have to think of what people at the shows want,” Taylor explained. “Cleaning trucks and tack — people don’t want to do it because it takes time and they’re already busy. And then there’s treats for your pony — everyone needs that.”

Taylor has already seen some results from her Pony Puff horse cookie recipe. “I thought I’d come up with a recipe and start making them,” she said. “I’ve already had a lot of orders, and now I’ve got to make about 200 Pony Puffs, so it’s really taken off.”

pony puffs


Since the family is planning on going to Montana for the week, Taylor anticipates having time to be able to help people with washing their trucks and cleaning their tack as well. “I don’t have my ride times yet, but once I do I will be able to work around them to be able to help people,” she said.

Taylor recruited some help for the truck washing part of her new business through Gamal Awad, Hawley’s husband. “Gamal and I have been friends forever,” Taylor said. “He always has to have these nerd gadgets, and he likes to watch “Cosmos,” and so do I, so I guess we’re both nerds. I called and asked him if he would be willing to help me, and he immediately said yes.”

Taylor plans to offer her services at other events as well, so keep an eye out for her at your next West Coast event. See below for a full price list of her services. For more information on contacting Taylor, please contact Earl or Jen McFallWe wish all the best to Taylor as she fundraises to buy Prince.

Update 12:45 p.m.: Jen updated her Facebook page with the following:

“THANK YOU EVERYONE for supporting Taylor’s effort of purchasing Prince. The kind words and encouragement mean a lot, and whatever the outcome, she is having an invaluable life experience. Many of you have asked to simply donate to her cause, but because we want to encourage her work ethic, she will still need to send out Pony Puffs to you. So, we have set up a PayPal button on our blog for her with a $50 minimum. For every $50, she will send you a bag of Pony Puffs. Please write your mailing address in the ‘special instructions’ of your PayPal purchase. Thank you again!” [PayPal Link]

truck wash

Taylor’s Fundraising Prices:

Tack Cleaning:

Saddle: $7

Bridle: $5

Boots: $5

Girth: $4

Martingales: $3

Bring your own soap and get $1 off.

Truck Washing: $10

Pony Puffs:

1 bag: $5

2 bags: $10

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