Announcing Your Fifth Annual Blogger Contest Finalists!

We received fantastic entries in the 5th Annual EN Blogger Contest, and as always it’s exceedingly difficult to narrow the field down to our finalists. We are pleased to announce that six entrants who will be moving forward into the second round of this year’s contest. Without further ado, here are your 2015 Blogger Contest finalists:

Ashlyn Hayworth
Ashley Hebrank
Kathryn McLeod
Seija Samoylenko
David Taylor
Michelle Wadley

We will be publishing our finalists’ round one submissions over on Bloggers Row this week, so be sure to comment and leave us your feedback on their writing. In the meantime, each finalist will now be hard at work on their round two submission:

number of sweeping overhauls to eventing were discussed at the recent FEI Sports Forum, from potentially changing the name of the sport to altering the Olympic and WEG formats. What can we do to make eventing more appetizing, engaging and understandable to the mainstream public? Share your ideas in an interesting, funny, informative and creative way.

These submissions are due next week, so keep an eye out for the names of who makes it through to the next round. Best of luck to all of our finalists, and thank you to everyone who entered this year!