Area VI Council Launches Fund Drive on Giving Tuesday

Photo by Sherry Stewart.

Just in time for Giving Tuesday the Area VI Council has launched a two-week giving campaign — and their goal is 100% participation from their area’s members (of course, members from other areas are welcome, too!) Can you help them get there? Donate here.

The Council shared this announcement yesterday:

“As we get ready to close the books on this year, we, like so many other businesses across the country (and around the globe) are assessing the impact 2020 has had on our bottom line. With our eventing calendar cut to a fraction of normal this year we are looking at heavy losses from reduced event fees, an absence of fundraisers, as well as camps, clinics and a myriad of other revenue-generating opportunities which were halted due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

“Normally, we as an Area each year put together an auction event to raise much needed funds for our Young Riders, Adult Riders and the Area Administration. This year, after serious consideration, the Area VI Council deemed it to be inappropriate to reach out to our wonderful sponsors asking for contributions (merchandise, travel accommodations, services, etc.) at a time when many are just trying to keep their doors open. Yet, we must raise income to springboard us towards gaining some financial recovery in 2021.

“So often, in times of hardship, we must look within and find a solution. This year we are asking our membership … each and every member … to take part in our year-end Appeal by making a $50 tax-deductible contribution to Area VI.

“While it is understood that some may need to give less, and others may be in a position to give above the $50 ask, the importance lies with 100% participation from our community. The responsibility to rebound from the setbacks faced this year rests with each and every one of us here in Area VI and together we can set the foundation for a strong comeback in 2021.

“As the Area VI Council, we ask for your support in sharing this campaign with your students, friends and all Area VI Members. We have created a flyer you can download here to share via text and email.

“Thank you for your participation and support,
The Area VI Council”

Every dollar counts! A tax-deductible donation can be made by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone camera or visiting