Tuesday Video from Horseware: William Fox-Pitt and Jackie Potts on Reducing Travel Stress

Traveling with horses is a detailed process that can easily turn stressful if you’re caught unprepared. Luckily, there are a whole slew of well-seasoned experts willing to lend their experience to provide some insight on reducing stress and anxiety – for both you and your horse – during travel. In the latest video from Fox-Pitt Eventing, William and top pro groom Jackie Potts shine some light on their transportation process.

Here are some of the key takeaways that you’ll learn about in this video:

  • Always be watchful for signs of ulcers, which affect upwards of 50% of horses
  • Jackie will often use a light rug to cover the neck of the horse to keep the horses warm with proper ventilation in the trailer
  • Start with a clean horse and bandage the tail to prevent soiling and protect the dock area
  • Find shipping boots that are easy to remove and that have sufficient coverage of the coronet band to help prevent pulled shoes
  • If you travel with hay nets, make sure to secure them tightly and position them properly
  • Clean your trailer out! This reduces bacteria and ammonia that can overpower the nostrils
  • Do a proper assessment of your horse’s condition upon arrival; keep track of how much he eats or drinks during transport