Area VI: Twin Rivers Photo Gallery + a Bright Future for Fresno County Horse Park

Twin Rivers Intermediate division winners Maddy Mazzola and So Cool. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

When the Fresno County Horse Park had to cancel  their traditional end of the season event because of the pandemic, the Baxter Family stepped up to run it at Twin Rivers. The event, which took place Nov. 13-15 in Paso Robles, California, was well attended and competitors enjoyed bright blue skies and a happy last hurrah for Area VI’s 2020 eventing calendar.

We’re glad to hear that Fresno County Horse Park has a bright future, as Terry Hilst has purchased the property from John Marshall. Terry will run all of the Horse Trials as scheduled in 2021, Covid willing. She has stepped up to continue the Horse Trials that began as RamTap over 50 years ago. During his eight year stewardship, John Marshall poured his heart and soul into improving the property and event for the riders of Area VI. It is wonderful that all of the investment in energy, time and money will compound for the future.

As for Twin Rivers, we catch of a glimpse of the weekend’s action through the lens of Sherry Stewart, who explains, “My daughter had wanted to show her new horse so I was able to go for my first outing since March. I did find time to shoot the Intermediate division between granddaughter duties, fence judging and meal producing in this Covid time of no spectators.”

Maddy Mazzola and So Cool. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

The 18-horse division was won by Maddy Mazzola and her own So Cool, who held the top spot from start to finish.

Helen Bouscaren and Irish Pop. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

Helen Bouscaren was second with Alliston Equestrian’s Irish Pop.

James Alliston and Czechers. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

James Alliston was third with Alliston Equestrian’s Czechers. You can view full results here.

Many thanks to Sherry for the gorgeous photos!