Thursday News & Notes

Ellie Wood Baxter, age 100. Photo by Elizabeth King.

In my neck of the woods, Ellie Wood Baxter is a legend. Actually, she’s a legend everywhere, but she also happens to live about five minutes from me, and she’s always been a part of the local horse scene for me. Ellie Wood won the 1936 Maclay Finals, and competed from the 1920s through the 1960s, and fox hunted until just a few years ago with the Farmington Hunt Club. This photo is from this week, where at age 100 she’s still going for rides, and happily lecturing people on correct lower leg position. An inspiration to us all!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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Major International Events:

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News From Around the Globe:

Body image issues can affect women and girls in any sport environment – including and maybe especially equestrian sports. We all have a role to play in breaking down these barriers, but Equestrian Canada is taking a more active role. Offering resources on mental health and specific guides to effectively coaching female athletes, they’re showing their dedication to taking down body image stigmas that we all feel. [Body Positivity Resources for Equestrian Athletes]

Ema Klugman has been making the most of her spot on the Australian High Performance Eventing Generation NEXT Squad, despite the disruption of 2020. Using online resources and coaching from Will Enzinger, as well as securing funding through the program to work on her weaknesses in dressage, Ema was able to secure her first FEI win in the CCI3*L at Virginia a few weeks ago. A big bonus to the program is the new workshops with Chris Burton, which Ema says have been incredibly helpful. [Ema Klugman Making the NEXT Move]

What happens when a horse show dad enters the world of Fox Hunting? Coming from the world of show hunters where expensive warmbloods in perfect braids and early mornings and long days are normal, this horse show dad was pleasantly surprised to find that arrival at 10:30 was appropriate, and mimosas were normal pre-ride beverages. Read on for a delightfully tongue in cheek exposé of a different discipline. [Tally Ho]

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Video: Laura Collett reviews her 2020 Pau 5* win on London 52 in a new feature video for H&C TV. Here’s the trailer, and you can watch the full version here.