Athletux #TakeHomeTuesday: HG One Hay Steamer from Haygain ($999 Value)

Get your game face on, because Equestrian Marketing Firm Athletux has partnered with EN’s awesome sponsor Haygain to give away a HG One Hay Steamer for this week’s edition of #TakeHomeTuesday.

Why We Love It

The steaming process rids hay of up to 99% of the mold, dust, bacteria and allergens found in hay — even in hay that looks beautiful and is top quality in terms of nutrient content. These inhalable irritants lead to respiratory issues that affect over 80% of active sport horses, often without obvious symptoms.

Many vets consider respiratory challenges to be the top cause of otherwise unexplained poor performance. Which is not surprising. As anyone with even mild asthma or allergies knows — especially this time of year — easy breathing is critical whether you’re galloping a 5* cross-country course or taking a leisurely trail ride.

Steaming also adds water to the diet for better digestion and hydration. Unlike soaking hay, it does not leach nutrients and it’s easy to incorporate into the horse keeping routine. Horses love its great taste and smell, helping hard keepers keep weight on and get the energy and nutrients they need.

Athletux is giving away a HG One Hay Steamer, the smallest of Haygain’s three models. It’s perfect for feeding one or two horses and traveling with it is a breeze.

How To Win It

1) Follow both @athletux and @haygainusa on Instagram.
2) Like this post.
3) Tag a friend who might like to enter (one person per comment to maximize your chances).
For an extra entry, enter your email here.

Hurry! Tuesday giveaways only run for 48 hours. Entering takes less than 1 minute so what are you waiting for?

This giveaway closes on Thursday, May 28th at 7 a.m. EST. Winner to be contacted that afternoon!⁠

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