Ingrid Klimke Sustains Broken Thoracic Vertebrae in Training Fall

Ingrid Klimke. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

Reigning European eventing champion Ingrid Klimke will see some additional time on the sidelines in 2020 after sustaining a thoracic vertebral fracture in a fall during training.

The German Olympian seems to be in positive spirits and grateful for her team at home who is able to keep her horses in their programs while she’s out of action. “Thank you for the many messages and recovery wishes that have reached me in a variety of ways!,” she posted on her Instagram page. “Fortunately I am doing so well and I have to be patient in the near future and can only ‘ride my horses from below’!”

Please join us in wishing Ingrid a positive recovery — we look forward to the day when both eventing and its reigning queen are back in action.

While you’re here, we recommend you relive the 2019 European Eventing Championships, where Ingrid defended her title with SAP Hale Bob OLD. EN reporter Tilly Berendt beautifully capped off the weekend in her final report, which you can read here.