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Monday News & Notes

This might feel like the longest year ever (how has it taken 482 days, approximately, to reach the second Monday of 2021?!) but there’s some hope on the horizon. Many major international events are already busily planning their return to the calendar, including the SsangYong Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, which will be back with a new organising team at the helm this year. Things might still be a bit different to the norm this year, but if we can get some great sporting action in, it’ll be a step up in our eyes.

National Holiday: It’s National Clean Your Desk Day, to which I say an emphatic no.

US Weekend Results:

Barnstaple South H.T.: [Results]

Monday Reading List:

In need of a grid to get your horse’s mind back on his job? Top British rider – and queen of quirky horses – Sarah Bullimore has just what you need to succeed this week. [#SundaySchool: Sarah Bullimore’s figure-of-eight jumping exercise for focus]

Or perhaps you’d like to try a simple, adaptive polework exercise, suitable for youngsters all the way to Advanced competitors? If so, Tik Maynard‘s set-up will tick your boxes – you can even use it as an in-hand exercise to really take it back to basics. [Grid Pro Quo with Tik Maynard]

Sick of your two-legged family members behaving with less decorum than the four-legged ones? This cheeky little bit of satire from Horse Network might give you just the tools you need to turn the situation around… [Horsewoman Clicker Trains Husband and Kids to Help Out More Around the House]

Competitive goals can create some much-needed terra firma if you’re struggling with your mental health. But how can you cope when something out of your control – like, say, a global pandemic – wipes them all from the calendar? One rider shares her story. [Equestrian vs Depression: Embracing a New Pace in Life]

We all pour so much time, effort, and money into our riding that a setback can feel like the end of the world. But a bit of perspective from a much-venerated coach can change everything. [What I Wish I Knew Then: Words That Stick]

Donation Station:

City riding schools offer an extraordinary amount to their local community, but with rising rent prices and constant urban development, their existence is rarely guaranteed. Such is the case for Park Lane Stables in London, which is working to raise funds to purchase its premises after the non-renewal of their long-standing lease. If you’d like to contribute to the much-loved riding school and Riding for the Disabled centre’s crowdfunding efforts, click here.

Morning Viewing:

Missing a mooch around a major event? Join tiny William as he explores his favourite haunt — the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.

Friday Video from SmartPak: Why’s Piggy Vlogging? Total Geekery, As It Turns Out

It feels like a special treat this year to enjoy regular vlogs from British eventer Piggy March, particularly as — by her own admission — she’s never been particularly into the social media ‘thing’. But, as she explains in her latest instalment, she’s always been totally obsessed by the minutiae of eventing, and keen to absorb as much extra information as she can, by working on yards at the start of her career, watching other riders, and quizzing them about their methods.

And so now, the record-holder for the most wins in a season wants to give back, by sharing all the nerdy little details of a year in her life with all of us. Whether it’s rider fitness, bringing horses into work, structuring schooling sessions or hacks, preparing for competitions or — we predict — winning a few big ones, all the highs, lows, and educational moments will be shared on her new vlog. We reckon there’s rather a lot we could all learn from the superstar competitor — so we’ll be taking notes.

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Vintage Showjumping – With a Twist

If you were a horse-mad British child of the ’80s and ’90s, chances are you were a big fan of a certain Geoff Billington, top showjumper (we miss you, It’s Otto) and resident comedian of the golden age of the sport. But if you haven’t encountered the jovial Northerner before? Oh boy, you are in for a treat.

In this vintage clip from the London Olympia Horse Show’s Fancy Dress competition, Geoff takes to the arena in a series of rather extraordinary impressions of his fellow British show jumpers, including Harvey and Robert Smith, John Whitaker, and — most notably — Annette Lewis, whose gravity-defying jumping style made her a household name.

Honestly, I’m all for reviving this tradition for Olympia 2021, perhaps with some eventers thrown into the mix. Geoff’s great friends with Oliver Townend, so I suggest he starts there. Geoff, I’m happy to join your writers’ room; give me a call.

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Monday News & Notes


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I don’t know about you guys, but the First Monday vibes are STRONG with me today. A whole two weeks without Zoom was a special treat, and although I was supposed to use it to work on a manuscript and definitely used it to learn to play chess instead, it was a nice little swamp of totally unproductive time.

But I’ll be gearing myself up for the day, week, and year to come today by making myself an enormous latte, sticking on some motivational power ballads, and thinking about what I want from this year – regardless of what it may throw my way. I’m not a big resolutions kind of gal, but I do love a list – and every year, I try to set myself achievable goals for things I really, truly want to take from the year to come. Every time, one of those goals is to cover an event I’ve never been to, and I was so lucky to manage two of those in 2020 despite everything. This year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might finally get to come over and see Kentucky for myself. Here’s hoping!

National Holiday: It’s National Spaghetti Day! Fitting, really, because going back to work will require some emotional carb-loading.

Your Monday Reading List:

Where equine fitness is concerned, sometimes the ‘old’ methods are the best. US Eventing has republished a 1987 article by Tad Coffin that’ll teach you how to prepare your horse for Novice and Training level competition – perfect if you’re starting to plan out a fitness programme ready for spring events. [Conditioning the Event Horse at the Novice and Training Levels]

You’re probably a fan of Phillip Dutton – but how much do you really know about him? H&H serves up eight facts about the big man himself in today’s online offerings. [Twins, medals and Irish-breds: eight things you didn’t know about three-time Olympic medallist Phillip Dutton]

When it comes to riding and competing, you either win or you learn. Actually, scratch that – even if you win, you usually learn something, too. Canadian showjumper and all-round legend Ian Millar shares his advice for how to make sure you’re the best learner you can be. [Ian Millar on How to Always be a Successful Student]

It’s the time of year for revisiting poignant and powerful stories, and even the New York Times is joining the club. Here, they revisit their long-form piece on US-based Irish showjumper Kevin Babington, who suffered a catastrophic spinal injury at the Hampton Classic in the summer of 2019. He reflects on what he’s learned, how he’s adapted – and how his world might yet change. [A Top Equestrian Paralyzed in an Accident Sees Hope in a Coming Treatment]

Finally, a very happy 52nd birthday to William Fox-Pitt, who celebrated on January 2nd. H&H has shared some highlights from his extraordinary career thus far. [Happy Birthday, William Fox-Pitt! Here’s some of his career highlights so far to celebrate…]


Morning Viewing:

Friday Video from SmartPak: A Happy New Year From Piggy March

Happy New Year!

A little video to wish you all a very Happy New Year and also introduce something a little bit different for me in 2021. I'm going to have a go at doing a video diary to give you all an insight into my life – good and bad! – through 2021. Well out of my comfort zone here as this isn't something I have ever done before!😬🙈

Please follow along and share with your friends if they might be interested too. Anyway hopefully something entertaining and educational all in one!😁👩‍🎓🤞

Happy New Year and all my best wishes for a safe and successful 2021.🍾🥂🥳

Piggy x

#PiggyMarch #TeamPiggy

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Posted by Piggy March on Friday, January 1, 2021

The first of January is also a prime moment to percolate on new ideas, grand plans, and goals for the year ahead, and it’s been so exciting to see top riders dropping teasers for the year ahead. One of the most welcome updates came from superstar (and possibly the nicest person in the sport) Piggy March, who ushered us all into 2021 with the announcement of her new video series. We’ve enjoyed William Fox-Pitt’s vlogs so much over the last year that this is extra-exciting news — and there couldn’t be a more soothing gal to help us get this year underway.

Go Piggy, go eventing, and above all, go forth into this new year as your best and boldest self, regardless of what we may all still have to overcome.

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Hasta la Vista To All This, Baby

It seems remarkable, really, that we’ve somehow made it to New Year’s Eve-Eve – not quite unscathed, mind you, but still standing, ready to catch our breath and clean out a bit of the road rash. But yet here we are, on the precipice of 2021; a year that can’t make any promises just yet, but which we hope, quietly and ferociously, might turn the tide for us all and crack a window or two to let the sunbeams of hope trickle back in.

Mind you, there’s more than 24 hours to go before we can really hit our stride and wax lyrical about what’s to come (though we daren’t say a single ‘this is going to be my year, I can feel it!’ and we don’t really recommend ‘new year, new me’ either) and this is primo hide-under-the-duvet-and-pretend-it’s-not-happening calendar real estate. Sudden snowstorms? Never heard of her! Brexit? If he was walking down the street, I wouldn’t recognise him. Sorry to that man. A bit of juicy escapism to some sunny, far-off clime, wherein we can channel the giddy glee of riding for one’s country? SIGN. ME. UP.

And so today we head to Spain with young British showjumper Joe Stockdale – son of the late, great Tim – as he brings us along for a rather spiffing Nations Cup adventure. All the thrill of the real thing, sans the terrifying risk of transatlantic travel. Cheers to that, Joe!

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Monday News & Notes from SmartPak

And so we once again find ourselves in that funny little period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, a period that feels achingly familiar this year because it’s kind of been the general vibe throughout lockdown. I won’t lie, though – as someone who lives alone in tier four of (kind of) south London, and has had to spend the last week or so totally solo, I’ve been looking forward to this in-between week. To me, it feels like an indulgent time to batten down the hatches and start new projects, wrap up old ones, deep-dive into the things that inspire you and let yourself dream a little bit about everything that could be on the horizon. Just pray for me, guys, because it’s been so long since I last had a significant conversation with a human being in real life that I might go off the rails and shave my head before 2021 swoops in to save us all.

National Holiday: It’s National Chocolate Candy Day today. I’m honestly not sure I can stomach anymore at this point.

Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway of Stride Control, by Jan Marsden Hamilton – a Fab Freebie brought to you by Horse & Rider Books. Click here to enter – this is the final day to try your chances!

Your Monday Reading List:

Think a pandemic is bad? Top British riders have been reflecting on the ghosts of Christmasses past – and it turns out, there’s fairly significant room for a comedy of errors even in normal years. [‘I was locked in the tack room’ — and 7 other top riders’ Christmas day bloopers]

Canadian equestrian leaders are calling for a restructuring of the industry in the wake of COVID-19. This comes after a recent virtual symposium held by the University of Guelph, which revealed that the number of equines in the country is basically unknown. HorseTalk has covered the basic tenets of the symposium, and you can rewatch each talk here, too. [Horse industry leaders converge for post-Covid-19 ‘rethink’]

Honestly, I never need any encouragement when it comes to online shopping. I’m the queen of putting things in my basket just to see how nice they look there, and then letting my finger slip while my poor, haemorrhaging bank account cries out for mercy. So I didn’t really need to click on this Heels Down round-up of the best things to nab from the SmartPak website right now. I didn’t, but I did, and now you can, too. [The Top 5 Gifts Sitting in my SmartPak Shopping Cart]

I love cheesy films. The cornier and more groan-inducing, the better. If you popped around to my cottage the week before Christmas, you’d have found me on the sofa, wrapped in a cozy blanket, clutching a mulled wine and sobbing – no, wailing – over Last Christmas, a film with possibly the WORST plot-twist ever. So I thoroughly enjoyed this take on a horsey version of a Hallmark film, penned with a little snark and a surprising amount of sincerity by Lauren Mauldin. [If Hallmark Made a Holiday Horse Movie]

Morning Viewing:

I’m going back in time today. Join me.



Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: When Valegro Say Goodbye

Forgive us from straying temporarily from the white light of eventing, but for those of us in the UK, the mourning period of a Christmas at the London Olympia Horse Show hasn’t quite ended. Taking place over a cold December week in the centre of the city, the show brings together some of the world’s best dressage and showjumping combinations in the atmospheric main arena – well fleshed out with appearances from stunt riders, racing Shetlands, the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ and, of course, Santa, among others. But though its most famous attraction may be the spine-tingling puissance competition, it’s also been the stage for some of equestrian sports most poignant moments.

So special is it, in fact, that it was the place of choice for the retirement of ValegroCharlotte Dujardin‘s extraordinary record-breaking partner (and, possibly, the world’s biggest fan of sugar cubes). In this new video from FEITV, Charlotte reminisces about that special night under the bright lights and Christmas cheer of every Brit’s favourite horse show. We can’t wait to be back in the champagne bar with some of our favourite eventing friends before too long – but in the meantime, remembering Christmasses past is a pretty good substitute.

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Monday News & Notes

“Somewhere in the world, the 2028 Olympic champion is a foal out in a field. He’s ewe-necked, sickle-hocked, downhill…

Posted by Lauren Sprieser on Sunday, 20 December 2020

Lauren Sprieser‘s Facebook post yesterday resonated hard with me. As a writer, photographer, or ‘content creator’ of any kind, it’s so, so common to see your work divvied up and reposted sans credit. Often, this is done with the best of intentions and not with the end goal of destabilising someone’s livelihood, but unfortunately, that’s just what it does.

So what can a creative do? Use huge watermarks that obscure their images? Put their stories behind a paywall? The thing is, we want the world to see, enjoy, and share our work, because we pour our heart and soul into it – but as a consumer of digital media, it’s up to you to ensure you share responsibly. Seen an article you loved? Share it from the source, so your friends click back to the original published article to read, ensuring the writer is given credit and the publisher is able to generate the ad-based revenue that allows them to pay their contributors. Love a photo? Share it from the photographer’s own post or website, linking back to their page with a credit. Don’t just save and repost or copy and paste – because by doing so, you help to dilute the connection between the work and the person who spent time creating it. Over time, that also minimises their ability to make money from their labour – a death knell for full-time, often self-employed creatives and the publications they work with.

National Holiday: It’s National Maine Day — big up for the weird place I used to live — and also National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day. This is a crap year for all of us, but particularly hard for those who are sleeping rough and having a hard time accessing resources. Consider brightening up your own Christmas by donating to your local food bank this week.

Your Monday Reading List:

UK readers, Christmas has come early: the BE fixture list for 2021 has dropped. Time for some well-earned daydreaming with an empty calendar, several coloured pens, and an absolutely enormous coffee to hand. Is this…a sense of normalcy? Weird. [Event Calendar 2021]

Remember Baz Luhrmann’s slightly odd epic film AustraliaYou’d be forgiven for not remembering the plot, like, at all — but you probably remember that it featured an array of rather lovely horses. Head behind the scenes to find out more about the illustrious equine cast, training Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman to ride, and Luhrmann’s insistence on saying ‘lights, camera, apples’ to avoid upsetting the horses. [The Secrets Behind ‘Australia’]

Christmas is going to be a bit of a different one this year, particularly for those of us in the UK who’ve just been foisted into tier 4. But how are the stars planning to celebrate? Horse&Hound gets the goss from Sir Mark Todd. [Mark Todd’s Christmas Day: ‘we fill ourselves up with food and feel sick for the rest of the day!’]

I’m currently obsessed with the story of the Pack Horse Library. This roving group of mounted librarians emerged out of the Great Depression and criss-crossed Kentucky, providing literacy opportunities to isolated families. You know what that reminds me of? Our gal Caitlin Gooch of Saddle Up and Read. [The Women Who Rode Miles on Horseback to Deliver Library Books]

If all this pandemic kerfuffle has distracted you from the ongoing Brexit nightmare, you’re out of luck. Now it turns out that grooms and riders travelling from the UK to Europe won’t be insured – and apparently, it’ll be very difficult to nail down any cover. Great. [Grooms and riders warned travel insurance may not cover them in Europe]

Showjumper Georgina Bloomberg has been battling a debilitating spinal condition throughout her career. Now, on the other side of surgeries, fusions, and intense physical therapy, she’s reflecting on the nature of injuries in equestrians – and sharing what she’s learned about letting your body heal rather than pushing through the pain. [Georgina Bloomberg: Finding Her Way Back to the Top]


Morning Viewing: 

Someone find me a team of Shetlands, because this is my kind of good time.

Friday Video from SmartPak: Get Fit for Riding, Part Two

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at the first episode of the new #SweatWithSmartPak series — and today, we’re back with the second instalment. As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve recently gotten into a fitness regime – a totally new concept for me, a naturally curvy gal who’s always relied on my riding and barn chores to keep me fit. But I’ve learned that it’s not enough, and these days, I’m not riding multiple horses through the day, either.

I never really expected to enjoy working out, but I’ve surprised myself – now that I’m in the habit, I actively look forward to heading to the gym every evening. It’s an hour of my day that’s totally self-indulgent, and every time I go, I notice the marginal gains. The trick, if you’re not a natural-born gym bunny? Ease yourself in and make it fun. I started with long walks around scenic parks near my house, and then started running to make the outings shorter and more manageable. I picked up yoga via free YouTube lessons (three cheers for my gal Adriene!) and then started adding in workout videos. Now that I feel like I know what I’m doing, I do it all at the gym instead – and the difference in my riding over the last five weeks or so is already huge. My mare is jumping better than she ever has, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence; for the first time in a long time, I feel totally in control of my own reactions in the middle of a course, and I can help, rather than hinder, her.

So if you’re just diving into your fitness journey, join in with this super series from SmartPak – it’s designed to help you learn correct form and will target the muscle groups that’ll most help you as a rider. And if you start now? You’ll be a completely new competitor by the time the season rolls around.

Go Eventing!

FEI Reopens Bidding Process for 2021 European Eventing Championships

Michael Jung, Ingrid Klimke and Cathal Daniels celebrate their individual medals at the 2019 Longines FEI European Eventing Championships. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

The FEI has agreed to reopen the bidding process for the 2021 European Eventing Championships after a social media campaign led by Michael Jung gained traction over the past weeks. The Championships, which were originally set to be held in France at Haras du Pin, were cancelled earlier this year in line with the postponement of the Olympic Games, but after early campaigning, both the dressage and showjumping championships were reinstated. Eventing, however, was not.

Horse&Hound reported last week that the FEI had explained eventing’s lack of reinstatement after Jung’s initial call for the Championships to be reinstated in the 2021 calendar. A spokesman told the magazine that an initial bidding process had been opened with a July 21, 2020 deadline, and three venues had applied to host the Championships through that process – Haras du Pin, Ireland’s Millstreet, and an unnamed third venue.

“Due to the third organising committee’s relative inexperience of hosting an event on the scale of the European Championships, this expression of interest did not proceed to the formal bidding/applicant stage,” the spokesman said, continuing on to explain that the other two bids had been reviewed, with the FEI offering significant financial support to ease the burden on the organisers.

But, the spokesman explained, “ultimately, Haras du Pin and Millstreet voluntarily withdrew from the process, due to their limitation to hold the championships on the selected dates and ongoing concerns around Covid-19. Following the withdrawal, and on the understanding that the Olympics would go ahead in 2021, the FEI board agreed not to re-open the bidding process for the eventing Europeans.”

Piggy French and Quarrycrest Echo at the 2019 European Championships. Photo by William Carey.

Jung’s plea via social media for a reinstated Championship named the Swiss CCI4*-S venue at Avenches as a viable and prepared location, with a “motivated and experienced” team. He went on to explain that the new Olympic format, which sees just three combinations represent each qualified team, furthered the necessity for these Championships as a way to progress the next generation of team competitors and continue the development of young eventing nations. But, said the FEI spokesman, Avenches had never come forward in the official bidding process.

But today (December 17) the FEI has made a U-turn in its seemingly final decision to pull the plug on the 2021 European Eventing Championships, and has agreed to reopen the bidding process for a final time.

“Further to the numerous requests received from a number of European eventing stakeholders, including national federations and athletes, and with the full support of the European Equestrian Federation and the FEI Eventing Committee, the Board agreed to reopen the bidding process for the European Eventing Championship 2021,” said the statement. Bidding will open from December 18 and will close on January 15, 2021. The decision will be made in March 2021 via a teleconference.

Vintage Vibes as Badminton Relocates Main Arena for 2021 Renewal

Come one, come all: early spectators flocked to watch the first phase in its old location on the north side of Badminton House in the 1950s. Photo courtesy of Badminton Horse Trials.

Some considerable excitement from Badminton Horse Trials this morning – we’ll be looking ahead to a new (old) look event for 2021, as the dressage and showjumping phases are temporarily relocated to an arena in front of the house. The location, which has been used as the Duke of Beaufort’s driving range in recent years, was the site of the original arena from the event’s inception in 1949 until 1960, when the current, much-loved main arena with its cavernous stands was built.

But cavernous stands aren’t much use without enthusiastic crowds to fill them, and though the COVID-19 vaccination has hit the ground running, it’ll be a while yet before we see the kind of mass inoculation that’ll allow the world to return to normal. As such, the event is set to run behind closed doors in 2021, which required some creativity from Event Director Jane Tuckwell and her organising team to ensure that that almost indescribable Badminton magic would still be in situ.

“I am very grateful to the Duke of Beaufort for giving over his golf driving range to the event for this very special one off occasion,” she said in a statement released yesterday (December 16).

David Somerset, the Duke of Beaufort, and Countryman knock a rail to narrowly miss the win at Badminton 1959. Photo courtesy of Badminton Horse Trials.

Henry Somerset, the 12th Duke of Beaufort, is no stranger to the enormous importance of this extraordinary event: after all, it’s in his blood. The event itself was born just three years before he was, and so his life as the heir apparent to the Beaufort legacy has been inextricably linked with it – but in many ways, it’s even closer to home than that. His father, the 11th Duke of Beaufort David Somerset, was the former president of the British Horse Society and himself a second-place finisher in the event in 1959 aboard Countryman III.

“It is very exciting after last year’s cancellation that the horse trials will be going ahead next May,” the Duke remarked. This renewal will see Badminton’s rebirth in its post-Mitsubishi era; now, without a traditional title sponsor, it will be supported by Mars Equestrian and Science Supplements.

The grassy lawn in front of Badminton House is usually well-used during the event for grazing and hacking – as demonstrated by Amy Akehurst, head girl to Tom Crisp and seen here aboard Coolys Luxury. Next year, though, this will be the heart of the action. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

The cross-country course, again designed by Eric Winter, is set to follow a similar route to previous years, though the usual main arena start and finish points will simply be parkland locations without the installation of the stands.

Pippa Funnell, who won in 2002, 2003 and 2005, applauded the decision to relocate the first and final phases for 2021: “Badminton has a really special place in my heart and moving the main arena to the front of the house will make the event even more extraordinary if that is possible. I am thrilled the event is able to go in these most difficult of times and I cannot wait to get there in May.”

Dressage gets underway in front of the house in 1954. Photo courtesy of Badminton Horse Trials.

Further announcements are expected in due course regarding the additional coverage planned for 2021’s event, ensuring that fans of the sport get an ‘access all areas’ feel from home. As usual, you’ll be able to rely on EN for full coverage of all the action and plenty of behind-the-scenes coverage, too.

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Golden Age of the USET

Take a midweek trip back to the 1980s in this hour-long documentary, which follows USET horses and riders in all three disciplines as they tackle the greatest challenge of all: the Olympics. There’s something about a slightly grainy video of a long-format competition that makes me feel a bit teary-eyed – and if you, too, like a good recreational weep to kickstart the second half of your week, you’ll be very into this.

Go (old school) Eventing!

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Monday News & Notes

The happiest of holiday seasons from Kirsty Short‘s stalwart CCI5* campaigner Bouncer, who swapped his usual duties for a starring role as the donkey in the nativity play at the school at which Kirsty teaches. The 18-year-old gelding, who has completed every European CCI5*, was reportedly a ‘complete professional’ about the experience. You can read more here.

National Holiday: It’s Green Monday – so named for all the, um, green we’re all going to drop on this, one of the biggest days for last-minute Christmas shopping. I’ll be real with you; I’ve barely started mine.

U.S. Weekend Results:

Full Gallop Farm December H.T.: [Website] [Results]


Your Monday Reading List:

Need to brush up on your Lauren Nicholson fun facts? H&H has compiled nine things you might not know about the Olympian – though we suspect many of you probably will! [Maggots, Mars bars and marriage: nine things you didn’t know about US Olympian Lauren Nicholson]

He’s one of the best jockeys the world has ever seen these days – but once upon a time, he was just a tiny rebel who fell off in his first-ever race. The Racing Post takes a look back at Frankie Dettori’s inauspicious start on the eve of his fiftieth birthday. [‘He couldn’t speak a word of English. He could barely speak a word of Italian’]

Sure, it’s annoying when your horse kicks his stable door for his dinner – but it could be a sign of significant stress, too. New research suggests that off-schedule feeding could be posing a welfare concern for your horse, so if you’re habitually a bit late to start each day, consider this your Monday motivation. [Study: Off-Schedule Feeding Compromises Horse Welfare]

The British Horseracing Association is reviewing its process for approving horse names after a runner named for a racial slur caused outcry over the weekend. Though the horse’s trainers claim the mistake was an innocent one, with the name coming from a computer game, it’s a stark reminder of the fallibility of the current systems in place to spot problematic nomenclature. [BHA to conduct review after racehorse runs with racial slur as its name]

It’s a racing-heavy sort of Monday, but if you’ve been following the curious case of Oisin Murphy and his positive (and then negative) cocaine tests, you’ll enjoy this interview. 2020 has taken us from positive equine tests after a sneaky stable wee to positive jockey tests after an illicit liaison – be careful out there, kids. [Oisin Murphy exclusive interview: Sex, drugs, Justin Bieber – and why he will not succumb to self-pity]

We’re so delighted to see Caitlin Gooch of Saddle Up and Read in the spotlight after her charity and mission got a huge shout-out from Oprah Winfrey. We’ve sung the North Carolina-based equestrians praises before for her brilliant work in providing both literacy and horsey opportunities to underprivileged kids, and we’ll keep on doing it. Check out this great piece published by CNN over the weekend. [Meet the Black cowgirl who inspires children to read]

And finally, it’s a piece behind a paywall, but if you’re among the many eventers wondering why the discipline won’t get a European Championships next year, the FEI has released a statement explaining it. Though a social media campaign by Michael Jung has enjoyed some traction and put Swiss CCI4*-S venue Avenches into the spotlight, no formal bid was ever made to host the Championships. [Decision to cancel eventing Europeans explained following social media debate]

What I’m Listening To: If I’m honest, I currently spend most of my time revisiting the questionable music of my early teenage years, because as it turns out, screamy lip-ring music is absolutely ideal for smashing out a good gym sesh. But in between guitar solos, I’ve been loving The Worldwide Tribe‘s podcast, Stories About Refugees. Each episode focuses on a different person or works to demystify global conflict or more home-grown legislature that contributes to the ongoing refugee crisis, with one crucial message at the heart of their work – refugees are more than just their search for a safe home. They are, ultimately, people.

Morning Viewing:

Curious about how young horse classes work, or have a youngster of your own you’d like to debut in 2021? This helpful primer from Martin Douzant explains the conformation and turnout that’s expected.

EN’s Top 10 Videos of 2020, #8: Team Fox-Pitt Improvises an International

We’re looking back on the wild year that has been 2020 and counting down the top-viewed videos shared on EN this year. Here’s #8!

In the face of adversity, some men crumble, and some men host pretend international competitions from the comfort of their own homes, or something like that. Welcome to the inaugural Wood Lane Stables International, which takes us to the heart of Hardy country in deepest Dorset, and to the home of eventing legend William Fox-Pitt.

Here he is in all his glory! Today, he hangs up his hat and acts instead as international dressage judge. We’re pretty confident his test sheet comments are going to be something to behold.

And here’s the illustrious test writer – none other than award-winning groom and all-around gem Jackie Potts. We reckon this woman of many talents can probably outpace us in the shorthand stakes, too, and we’re not even mad about it.

First in the ring is Bella Innes-Ker, who won Blenheim’s CCI4*-L in 2018 with Carolyn. Today, though, she’s riding this striking grey, who’s just shot to the top of our Christmas lists.

Travelling groom and Geordie free spirit Adam Short delivers his first test of the day aboard Secret Night. Here’s his post-ride interview with Wood Lane head honcho Alice Fox-Pitt.

Who would dare argue with the judge? But William turns out to be less scarier than expected, offering advice and even allowing riders to view their test sheets before they bring forward their second rides.

The next test is a special treat for everyone – it’s double WEG medallist Cool Mountain, still looking excellent at the age of 20 and teaching the Wood Lane students a thing or two about life and dressage. Sign us UP.

Team USA throws its hat in the ring next, with Lexi Scovil delivering a smart test on Fox-Pitt homebred Atlantic Vital Spark. Not too shabby for a catch ride.

You can’t keep a good man down, and you can’t keep this Geordie out of the ring – Adam Short returns for his second ride of the day, this time aboard Olympic Test Event competitor Summer at Fernhill.

Ahead of her second ride with new mount Cool Rock Cooley, Bella Innes-Ker touches base with Alice.

Team Japan’s Kazuma Tomoto puts superstar Bernadette Utopia through her paces ahead of her test, proving once again why he’s one of the most formidable new names on the circuit.

He might be a new ride for Bella, but Cool Rock Cooley certainly impresses in the ring.

He did not come to PLAY, guys. King Kazu and Bernadette Utopia throw down the gauntlet late in the day.

Kazu catches up with Alice, and look – it’s really, truly okay if you have a little cry over this one. On a serious note, the postponement of the Olympics affects everyone, but it’s particularly heartbreaking for Team Japan’s eventers, who have given up their lives to their team’s medal efforts. Even so, Kazu is all class in the face of disappointment, and he shows here exactly why he’s one of the sport’s best-loved characters. Stay sunny, Kazu:

Back to business, now – and it’s all change over in the judge’s chair. There’s some dodgy tactics going on over there.

William catches up with wife Alice after his test aboard the gorgeous Baxter, who had been aimed at the 2* at Tattersalls this spring.

It’s a truly global competition here, with four continents represented at Wood Lane Stables:

Every competition must have a prize-giving – and this one’s a social distancing special! We’ve got 2* winners, 4* winners, and elbow-bumps galore:

And that’s all from a very exciting first annual Wood Lane Stables International! Thanks to the gang at Fox-Pitt Eventing for the laughs — and remember, folks, this is proof that even if you can’t go eventing, you can still Go Eventing. Happy Friday!

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: “We Eventers Love Horses”

There are certain names – and certain nations – that all eventing fans can name a laundry list of fun facts about where our sport is concerned. But in those countries considered ‘developing’ eventing nations, there are superstars just waiting in the wings for the world to know their names.

Enter Alberto Hermoso Farras. The Spaniard headed to his first Olympics in 2016, realising a dream he’d had since watching the Barcelona Games back in 1992. FEI TV went to meet him, and they’ve released the throwback video today for your entertainment – so settle in, pour yourself a sangria, and meet the man who’s helping to pave the way for Spanish eventing.

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Monday News & Notes

A quieter Burghley than usual, as seen from the Lion’s Bridge. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

This is such a strange and unfamiliar holiday season, but something about that is making me lean into it more than I have in years. I’ve somehow become some sort of manic Martha Stewart mini-me, drying orange slices for hours in the oven to make garlands, festooning my entire cottage in delicate little copper-wire twinkle lights, and concocting an endless assortment of mulling spices and festive gin infusions. (Do we need a hip-flask recipe post, EN? I feel like we do.) I’m spending this entire strange month seeing off this entire strange year with wonderful friends near and far, old and new, meeting up for socially-distanced walks and talks and coffees in red cups, and it’s honestly already the best Christmas I’ve had in years.

What has this got to do with eventing, or with your own Monday plans? Well, not a lot, admittedly, but for the fact that I felt that all this making merry needed to include an appropriate send-off to my homes away from home, most of which I never got to see this year. And so I hopped into the car, headed three hours due north, and met up with two of my very best friends – both exceptional journalists at Horse&Hound and all-around good eggs – for a jolly good stomp around the hallowed turf of beautiful Burghley Park. I’ve been coming to Burghley for years – it was the first five-star I ever attended, and years later, my first-ever press accreditation – but I’d never been to the estate or house at any other time of the year.

The easiest way to make equestrian journalists giddy in the off-season? Take them to their favourite venues and let them jump logs on the ground. On foot. Photo by Lucy Elder.

Reader, it was surreal and magical and all I can say is this: if you’re missing all the eventing that wasn’t this year and you’re in reasonably close proximity to the home of one of your favourite internationals, do try to pay it a visit. Driving in the usual press entrance by the house gave me actual tummy butterflies, and seeing its gilding and ALL. THOSE. WINDOWS. sparkling in the crisp winter sunlight made everything feel as though it would be alright eventually. Off we trotted from the house to the Lion Bridge, where we watched the estate’s resident herd of sheep clamber around the Collyweston Slate Mine fence. Then we picked our way down to Discovery Valley, confirmed that none of us fancied jumping its cavernous open corner, and headed out into an eerily empty field to find the jog strip – extraordinarily small without its usual fanfare of crowds, grandstands and marquees. Now, in its off-season, it’s just a tiny sliver of hard surface in the middle of an expanse of surprisingly undulating green. It all felt quite remarkably peaceful (until, of course, we wandered over to the Leaf Pit, which somehow looks even bigger when found in the wild).

It’s been a funny old year without so many of our favourite events, but visiting Burghley in its hibernation period reminded me of one unshakable truth: they will be back, and when they are, they’ll be even better than we all remembered. And honestly, I’ll raise a hip flask of mulled pomegranate gin to that.

National Holiday: It’s National Cotton Candy Day. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten cotton candy outside of the months of July and August, but okay.

US Weekend Results:

Rocking Horse December H.T.: [Website] [Results]

Sporting Days Farm H.T.: [Website] [Results]

Global Eventing Round-Up:

  • The third and final week of the Portugal Winter Tour came to a close in Barocca d’Alva, with the long-format divisions joining the array of short-format divisions on the roster. The premier class, the CCI4*-L, was won by experienced British-based Aussie pair Sammi Birch and Hunter Valley II, while Belgium’s Karin Donckers took the CCI4*-S with her stalwart partner Fletcha Van’t Verahof. The US was well represented with a fourth place finish in the CCI3*-L for Hallie Coon and new partner Global Ex.

Your Monday Reading List:

The team at EquiRatings have launched a new rating system designed to definitively determine the best event horses of all time. The Elo system – named for Hungarian physics professor Arpad Elo – has been reworked from the world of chess, and the horse who takes the lead for the all-time best record probably won’t come as much of a surprise. [Who is the best event horse in the world? Data experts build a ranking to find out…]

Have you been obsessively watching the new series of The Crown? If so, you’ve likely been loving the focus on Princess Anne’s equestrian career (discipline switch and venue change aside, of course). But do you know the young British rider who stepped in to play the character in those nail-biting riding scenes?  Meet 23-year-old Amy Inglis. [How Amy Became a Star of ‘The Crown’]

I’m never more glad to have a plain brown wrapper mare than I am in mud season. If you’re not so lucky, keeping those white legs clean – and that sensitive skin healthy – is probably one of your biggest stressors at this time of year. Fortunately, Heels Down has got some tips to help you. [How to Keep Those White Legs…Actually White in Winter]

In your riding life, you’ll occasionally encounter those horses who are just, well, tough. Whether it’s because they’re naturally just tempestuous characters, or whether they’ve been made tricky through bad experiences, working with them will be among your biggest challenges – but they can be extraordinarily rewarding, too. Here, Tik Maynard explains how he approached three such characters. [My Three Toughest Horses, and How I Addressed Each One]

Morning Viewing:

Have you got to grips with travel-induced ulcers? The team at Fox-Pitt Eventing explain their tried-and-tested preventative measures for keeping your horses happy and healthy when hauling.

Friday Video from SmartPak: Get Fit for Riding, Part One

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been a natural gym-goer. For years, this wasn’t much of an issue – or so I thought. To my mind, working full-time with horses, doing hours of physical labour and riding three to eight horses per day was more than enough. And it was, kind of – but it took changing careers and having to come to terms with my loss of fitness to understand that by neglecting to give my body regular help in the form of workouts, I was actually only contributing to wonkiness and uneven strength through my body.

Now, I’ve decided to try to find the fun in fitness, by going for a run to Starbucks before my first Zoom meeting of the day, scheduling in some yoga me-time a few times a week, and picking things up and putting them down again now that the gym has reopened. But I’m not yet ready to say goodbye to the in-house personal trainers I used while in full lockdown and forced to attempt to fit a set of burpees in on my living room floor. While YouTube has been a great resource for general workout routines, this super new series from SmartPak is my recommendation of the week if you want to follow along with a great fitness plan that’s designed for equestrians of every age, shape, and fitness level. Just get it up on the big screen, grab your water bottle, and get sweating. Like me, you might just find that in a couple of weeks times, you’re seeing some serious gains in your riding.

Go Eventing!


Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: A Winter Whoopsie

What a remarkably quiet December this is so far. Sans the usual excitement of indoor cross-country derbies around the world, it’s free to be a festive smorgasbord of advent calendars, hot booze, and softening waistlines – and let’s be real, it really is what we all deserve as a reward for making it to the tail end of 2020.

But even though the indoor derbies are off the table this winter, I’ve still been enjoying going back through the archives and rewatching some of my favourite moments from these fast and furious competitions. And so I stumbled upon a forgotten classic: arguably 2016’s save of the year, it features a very nimble Falk-Filip-Finn Westerich somehow dismounting and remounting Giaccomo YSK in the Stuttgart Indoor Derby without ever touching the ground. Is it great watching? Absolutely. Does it inspire me to stop stuffing Quality Street into my mouth by the fistful and try to mimic his athleticism? Not even a little bit.

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Jockey Club Signs Five-Year Contract to Run Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials

Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border take Blenheim in 2017. Photo by Libby Law.

The fate of the UK’s SsangYong Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, which has long been run as British Eventing’s sole self-organised competition, has been secured after a bidding process that’s been ongoing throughout the latter half of 2020. From 2021, the event – which hosts a CCI4*-L alongside the prestigious CCI4*-S for eight- and nine-year-olds, will be run by the Jockey Club in an exciting first foray into eventing for the organisation.

A five-year contract has been signed for the running of the event, which was cancelled in 2020 as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with its classes relocated to Norfolk’s Burnham Market International, run by Musketeer Events – one of the expected frontrunners of the bidding process.

“The international horse trials is one of our most prestigious events, attracting world-class riders to compete in this iconic competition,” said Blenheim Palace Estates Director Roy Cox in a statement released this morning (December 1). “We are delighted its future has been secured and have every confidence the Jockey Club, with its rich history and wealth of experience, working alongside British Eventing is the perfect combination to ensure this great event, which contributes so much to the local area, continues to thrive.”

Sarah Bullimore rides Lilly Corrine during the Event Rider Masters finale at Blenheim. Photo by Libby Law Photography.

The Jockey Club, which was founded in 1750 and boasts Her Majesty the Queen as its patron, has considerable experience staging world-class competition: with over 340 fixtures in its remit, including industry stalwarts such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National, it’s the largest commercial group in racing, turning over an extraordinary £201.1 million in revenue each year.

Ian Renton, Regional Managing Director of the organisation, hopes that Blenheim’s proximity to Cheltenham – dubbed ‘the home of jump racing’ and responsible for an estimated £100 million annual boost to the local area – will allow for further opportunities to broaden eventing’s scope as a spectator sport.

“It truly is a great honour to be appointed to organise the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials for the next five years,” he said. “We look forward to working closely with Blenheim Palace and British Eventing to ensure the event has a fantastic future.

“As a company, we welcome nearly four million people a year to events at our venues and our team are excited to put on a fantastic show at Blenheim in keeping with the international prestige of both the horse trials and the palace itself.

“With he Home of Jump Racing just 40 miles away, I’m also confident there are economies of scale and cross-promotional opportunities from this partnership,” he continued. “Overall, we’re thrilled to be involved and thank the Blenheim Palace and British Eventing team for placing their faith in us.”

Piggy French and Brookfield Inocent win the CCI4*-L in 2019. Photo by William Carey.

Eventing first came to Blenheim Palace, the Oxfordshire seat of the Duke of Marlborough and the birthplace of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in 1990. That fledgling competition was won by Lucinda Fredericks on Just Jeremy, and by 1994, the young event had grown roots sufficient to host that year’s European Championships for Young Riders. In 2005, it stepped up to host the Senior European Championships, and in 2009 – following the event’s only cancellation prior to the pandemic – the much-heralded CCI4*-S class was introduced. In its eleven runnings, the class has produced an extraordinary roll of honour, with winners going on to success at the upper echelons – including five CCI5* victors. After some speculation this autumn that bids for the fixture included plans to potentially relocate the event, it’s a great relief to see it stay in situ at its home of three decades.

Jude Matthews, Chief Executive of British Eventing, said: “Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials is a key fixture in the British Eventing calendar, showcasing some of the most talented horse and rider combinations in the world. The event has been established over many successful years and we look forward to working with the Jockey Club to continue this development and to potentially bring our sport to a wider audience.”

British Eventing’s decision to step back from organising the event – the only one it organises directly – came in August of this year to allow the body to “focus on the delivery of core sport.”

The 2021 renewal of the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials is set to take place from September 15–19.

Monday News & Notes

The most amazing and incredible gift is a child, and the even more incredible gift is when your baby has a baby. So…

Posted by Next Level Eventing on Sunday, November 29, 2020

Huge congratulations to Kaylawna and Tyler Cook, who welcomed their first child into the world over the weekend (and a big congratulations to newly-minted grandmother Tamie Smith, too, of course!). We can’t wait to see all three generations out there tearing up the West Coast scene before too long.

One of the biggest topics of conversation over the weekend has been the newly-rehashed debate about the fate of the 2021 European Eventing Championships, originally scheduled to take place at Haras du Pin but ultimately cancelled in favour of the Olympics. Both dressage and showjumping have seen their Europeans reinstated, but eventing is facing a fight for their own competition, led by some chap called Michael Jung, who divulges that Switzerland’s Avenches team is ready and able to host the competition, giving developing riders, horses and nations the opportunity to step up to the world stage. You can add your voice to the conversation using the hashtag #eventingwantseuropeans, and stay tuned for the full story on EN.

National Holiday: It’s both Personal Space Day and Stay Home Because You’re Well Day, which is like, the ultimate panny-D combo. Oh, and it’s also Cyber Monday, so treat yourself to an online splurge with a super small business. Here are some ideas.

US Weekend Results:

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T.: [Website] [Results]

Global Eventing Round-Up:

  • Week two of the Portugal Winter Tour wrapped over the weekend, with Germany’s Andreas Dibowski riding Brennan to a win in the top class of the week, the CCI3*-S. You can check out the full results here.

Your Monday Reading List:

Over To You certainly earned legend status in his storied career, in which he became the most capped British event horse of all time. Jeanette Brakewell shares some of her fondest memories of the horse in this piece – it’s available exclusively to H&H Plus members, but you can access it by signing up for a free trial on the site. [Legends of the sport: Over To You — ‘I came home many times thinking that was his best round ever’]

20-year-old Kanane Francis is making impressive moves in the world of racing, while working to shift perspectives on what a jockey ‘should’ look like. The young rider has graduated from the British Racing School and started his first industry job just a year after riding a horse for the first time – and he’s calling for the industry to put in the work to further diversity. [‘It doesn’t matter what colour you are’]

Look, don’t lie, we know you’ve definitely punched yourself in the face while girthing up at least once. In fact, you might have ticked off a fair few of these universal embarrassing moments for equestrians… [Embarrassing Mistakes All Riders Have Made]

We’ve all had that one saddle that’s become a part of who we are. It might have been the first one you owned, the one that you loved a little too hard like a functional Velveteen Rabbit. Or it might be your first custom bit of kit, or the ancient old thing that starts all your breakers out. Either way, they carry more than the weight of their riders – our saddles carry all our memories, too. [Selling a Saddle After 16 Years of Rides and Memories]

Morning Viewing:

Never let anyone tell you you can’t make your dreams come true. Take a little Monday morning inspiration from In Shaallah Saad Hameed’s journey to become Iraq’s first-ever Youth Olympian.

Friday Video from SmartPak: Andrew Hoy Shares His Pandemic Year

There’s nary a soul on the planet who hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and horse people have had some unique conundrums on their hands – we’ve had to keep our four-legged pals happy and healthy too, while balancing fitness and production against a period of time out of the competition ring that had no definable end point.

In this video from FEI TV, Australia’s Andrew Hoy divulges how he structured his year, the challenges he faced and his hopes for 2021, when he hopes to contest his eighth Olympic Games. If you, like us, are getting quietly excited about an Olympic year – for real this time – you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one.

Happy Friday, folks – and Go Eventing!

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Pontus Hugosson’s Winter Warmers

You might best know Pontus Hugosson for his viral videos showcasing the absurdities of horse people – as seen above – but what you might not realise is that the affable Swede is also a 4* event rider with serious ambitions in the sport. Fortunately for all of us, he’s got a vlog that gives us the chance to snoop around his yard and meet his string of horses. In the latest instalment, he takes his cross-country schooling into the indoor school, which would give me plenty of ideas for winter sessions, but I live in the UK and don’t have an indoor. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to do more than curl up on the sofa to live vicariously through someone else, anyway.

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Equi-Jewel® is a high-fat, low-starch and -sugar formula developed to safely meet the energy needs of your horse.

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The horse that matters to you matters to us®.

Not sure which horse supplement best meets your horse’s needs? Kentucky Performance Products, LLC is here to help. Call 859-873-2974 or visit