Battle of the Helmet Cams: Henny vs. Mountain Bike

Helmet cams are one of the most nifty items I’ve ever gotten my hands on. Popularized by Peter Atkins and his beloved Henny, helmet cams have taken off in the eventing world as both educational tools and entertainment. We’ve all seen Peter and Henny’s helmet cam from the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, but in case you’re wanting to see it again (you know you are!), here it is:

Now, our question to you, EN, is how does the intensity of the video I am about to show you compare? Next up, we have helmet cam footage from the Red Bull Rampage, which is a mountain biking event. I have to say that this video made me feel slightly faint of heart, but maybe I am just terrified of heights.

What do you think? Which helmet cam wins in the battle of intensity?

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