Becky Holder and Can’t Fire Me Dominate at River Glen + Other Scores

A foggy morning at River Glen! Photo courtesy of Joanie Morris. A foggy morning at River Glen! Photo courtesy of Joanie Morris.

Becky Holder had Can’t Fire Me out for the first time since The Fork this weekend in the Open Intermediate-B division at River Glen, and she didn’t miss a beat, scoring a 31.9, adding just 1.6 time penalties to finish 14 points ahead of Jennifer O’Neill and That’ll Do II. Selena Pope and vanity also added just time to their dressage score, just barely missing second place on a 47.6.


In the Open Intermediate-A division, Sarah Beth Anton and Blitz Volo picked up the win, followed by Jon Holling and Zatopek B, who was out for his first run since Bromont in June. Lara Borson-Knight and Shooby Do picked up third place.


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In Iowa, the Harry Potter themed cross country course was a big attraction at Catalpa Corner. Many of my Facebook friends who attended the event commented on how fun the event was; I’m definitely adding it to my list of must-see events at some point.

The live scores for Catalpa have not been updated with the final standings, so I will update this post once the scores have refreshed to avoid any confusion.

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Do you have some photos or videos you’d like to share from your competition this weekend? How about a blog post on how your event went? Send it to us at [email protected]!

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