Sunday Video: ‘Along for the Ride’ Episode 5

I’m beginning to look forward to every other Thursday with the same fervor as I do when it’s about time for a new episode of Orange Is the New Black or Scandal. You know you’ve found a good series to watch when you plan your week around your TV. Oh, that’s just me? Ok, then I was just making all of that up.

This week on Evention TV’s Along for the Ride, Dom and Jimmie take their OTTBs to Fair Hill for some cross country schooling action, and we get to meet Dom’s newest prospect, Kaz. How will the young Thoroughbreds handle the hectic schooling environment? Dom and Jimmie also become big fans of Tucci boots, and I think they’ve officially made me a new fan as well. What’s so special about these boots? Does Jimmie’s watch shopping problem cross over to boot shopping? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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