Best of 2019 Video Countdown: #6 – Dressage for Dummies

Each day between now and the New Year we’re counting down the top 15 most popular videos shared on EN in 2019. The #6 spot goes to “Dressage for Dummies,” which garnered 7,290 views when it was originally posted on Nov. 8, 2019.

In today’s daily dose of weird, we bring you two guys dressed as a horse, attempting to outperform actual Grand Prix dressage horse, the late, great Sandro Boy. Australian dressage star Lyndal Oatley puts them through their (slightly sweaty) paces in this video, which truly needs to be watched after a beer or two for optimal value.

Tricky hooves, spinning donuts, and diagonal disco – Hamish and Andy make their way through all the sport’s toughest movements in pursuit of one goal: being sent to stud at the end of their illustrious career.

That’s cute and all, guys, but may we politely suggest a follow-up episode where you tackle a cross-country course? We think you’ll do GREAT.