Best of JN: 8 Times Kent Farrington Stole Our Hearts

Kent Farrington: the man, the myth, the legend. A phenomenal rider, he held the world number one spot for what seemed like forever prior to having to take some downtime as he recovered from an injury. Kent seems to win all the things (like this week’s $135,000 Jumper Classic at the National Horse Show), not excluding the hearts of his fans. Check out eight of our favorite Kent moments on Instagram from our sister site, Jumper Nation!

1) Every time he makes challenging horses look easy…

2) When he takes time to acknowledge his youngest fans. 

3) That one time Kent and the Queen became besties.

4) When Kent wins all the things and celebrates like a boss.

5) When the sass is strong, but Kent doesn’t care. 

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Mood 💃🏼 Brought to you by Kent & Dublin

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6) Baby Kent, enough said. 

7)  When he handles bloopers with grace and poise. 

8) Does this one really need a caption? 

Go Kent and Go Jumping!

This originally appeared on EN’s sister site Jumper Nation.