Blogger Contest Round 2: Rolex Husband

We announced the final four contestants on our Fourth Annual Blogger Contest on Tuesday, and now we’re bringing you their entries hot off the press. All entries will be posted without editing for fairness’ sake. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear it! Post it in the comments below.

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From @RolexHusband:

US Ready to Rumble at the WEGs, #Boyllip, Rodney Dangerfield and the horse with 2 cars.

-Rolex Husband (@RolexHusband)

SO, the US team has been selected for the WEG this year and everybody seems to be pretty pumped about the group and how could you not as everyone selected IS A BOSS.  I really had my heart set on an #allWomenWEG team this year after Rolex but you can’t argue with having the Australian dream team and Buck on the squad. Let’s take a closer look at the team that is ready to ride into Normandy and show the world how we do things in the US of A! ‘Merica

I am going to start with the obvious dynamic duo that is Boyd and Phillip (or as I affectionately like to refer to as #Boyllip).  I had my doubts about Boyllip this year, but after Boyd showed the world that you really only need one good leg to place 3rd at a 4 star (as long as your best mate will jog your horse for you) he showed the selectors that he belongs.  Boyd and Shamwari (ShamWow) will represent the US and Boyllip well.

Phillip wasn’t going to let his 20th anniversary of International team competition come into jeopardy so he laid the smack down at Luhmhlen and earned a top ten placing aboard Mighty Nice.  So Mighty Nice gets the nod as Phil’s mount, right?  NOT SO FAST!  Insert Trading Aces, better known as the horse who OWNS TWO CARS.  A Land Rover and a Mercedes at that! I want a Land Rover or a Mercedes, this horse has BOTH. Yup, won them for being awesome with both parts of Boyllip.  So Phillip gets his best mate’s horse that has consistently shown he belongs.

Next we look at Sinead “I get no respect” Halpin with Manoir de Carneville.  Talk about a Rodney Dangerfield moment if Sinead were to be passed over for Normandy of all places.  I mean, her HORSE IS FRENCH folks!  That would have been a slap in the face.

A couple of years ago some organization that knows stuff (USEF) named this horse on the Global Talent list.  That means if you take all the horses in the US, Tate is the best (guess who is this year’s sole “Global Talent” – yup, ShamWow). Still wasn’t good enough to represent the US at that time apparently so Sinead and her French Steed, Tate, finally get their stage.

Now insert Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless (Sparky – how cool is that?! Who doesn’t want a horse named “Sparky”?).  Kim is a Legend.  This pair’s worst finish was 11th at Rolex in their short time together.  No doubt Kim “The dressage Queen” Severson is schooling this horse in the art of dressage and will put up some good numbers, fly around XC and finish up strong for this team.

I also view Kim as the “maternal” member of the squad. I can imagine she will have to keep Boyllip under control and away from shenanigans during their stay in France…

BIG BUCK (again “affectionately” as it seems like Buck has trimmed up over the years – Good work Buck) and Ballynoecastle (say that 3 times fast) RM.  I wonder if Buck gets jealous of Boyllip and their hand-in-hand shenanigans together.  ANYWAYS, Buck and Reggie are another pick that are simply good.  Buck will ride around cross country like he owns it and they will no doubt put up an impressive performance.

Now let’s chat about Lynn Symansky and Donner.  Historically speaking, they probably would not have made the cut with their bout of troubles this year. But let’s not forget that this pair already rocked around a little horse trials in France last fall at Pau (is it “Poo” or “Pow” – asking for a friend)

Again, consistency is a theme and Lynn and Donner are no exception.

So that covers the horse and riders for our team that will lay the smack down in Normandy.  I am somewhat sad that my Home girl Marilyn Little wasn’t on the “A” team (especially since she dropped the BOOM hammer at Jersey this past weekend winning by 18 points) but these 6 pairs should be able to get the job done.

Marilyn, keep it up and let’s shoot for the Olympics.


Rolex Husband

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