Blogger Contest Round 3: David Taylor

Our top three Blogger Contest finalists submitted their final entries to us this week, and now we need your help deciding on the winner! We asked the finalists to submit their interpretation of #EventerProblems. We’ll be posting all three submissions here on Bloggers Row this weekend, followed up by a voting poll. All posts are presented without editing for fairness’ sake. The votes will not decide the winner but will be taken into account during the final decision process. Good luck to all finalists!


Yes this is the hashtag that will not end. Everyone from beginners to the upper level pro’s have their problems that are unique to our sport. These problems are what make us tried and true eventers. They are what bring us together. So I give you my personal and favorite #EVENTERPROBLEMS:


And there are those problems even a picture cant capture the true essence of our problems:

If you’re having horse problems I feel bad for you son, Cause I got 99 problems but Eventing ain’t one.

Go Eventing