Meet Your 2015 Blogger Contest Finalists

We announced our 2015 Blogger Contest final three last week, and we’re pleased to bring you a collection of their bios so that you may get to know them a bit better. Each one of our finalists is talented in their own right, and we are flattered that they’ve chosen to send us their work.

We will be posting each finalist’s round two entries on Bloggers Row this week, and their final entries are due this week so stay tuned for much more from this year’s Blogger Contest. Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support of this contest — we can’t wait to see who our next EN team member will be! Chinch, for one, will be happy to have another person to harass.

Ash Hayworth

Photo by Cheryl Stephens.

Photo by Cheryl Stephens.

Ash Hayworth is an Area V Young Rider with big plans for an equine filled future, big plans that some (and by some I mean her parents) qualify as irrational, but nevertheless, I’m sure she’ll work something out eventually. She’s headed off to college next year, though not headed off too far, for she couldn’t possibly leave her best friend behind. By ‘best friend’ do you mean boyfriend? Of course not! I mean horse.

Said horse is an OTTB named Oliver. The two of them are looking forward to their upcoming Intermediate debut. On second thought, Ash is looking forward to their upcoming Intermediate debut and Oliver is groaning about those walk-to-canter transitions.

Round 1 Entry

Seija Samoylenko


Hey there, I’m Seija Samoylenko.  Pronounced say-a.  I’m a twenty-year-old preliminary-level event rider from Massachusetts (Area 1, the great-white north).  My family runs a dressage and eventing facility outside of Boston.  I’m lucky enough to have a feisty black mare (Roxanne) and some cool baby boy horses (Eddie and Stewie or Edward and Stuart on their better days). 

Last summer I was a working student–now just a college student, part-time restaurant employee, and struggling CrossFit newbie.  

Round 1 Entry

David Taylor

David taylor 2

David Taylor, 31, considers himself an up and coming adult amateur with sights set on Rolex and beyond. Living in the heart of Area II, he currently events his 7 year old TB mare, Serendipity, at training level. Making a living in the horse world as well, he is the facility manager at Sunset Hill at McCuan Farms in Woodbine MD.

He is married to a professional dressage trainer who has been his #1 supporter. Being truly encapsulated in this estrogen filled horsey world has put him in touch with his inner horse crazy girl. Dave is also the current undisputed Eventing Nation Chinch Toss world champion.

Round 1 Entry