Blogger Contest Round 3: Seija Samoylenko

Our top three Blogger Contest finalists submitted their final entries to us this week, and now we need your help deciding on the winner! We asked the finalists to submit their interpretation of #EventerProblems. We’ll be posting all three submissions here on Bloggers Row this weekend, followed up by a voting poll. All posts are presented without editing for fairness’ sake. The votes will not decide the winner but will be taken into account during the final decision process. Good luck to all finalists!

I’m going to try to not make too many assumptions that you all struggle as much as I do sometimes just trying to get into the sandbox/ring/startbox at an event. So here’s a day in the life of me trying to prepare for a horse show (and that’s just the beginning).

Wakeup.  Cool.  Look at all these hours I’ve got and I’ve only got one horse to take care of.  Maybe I can go to the gym?

Remembers last time at the gym.

gym gif

No, no, no.  I’ve really got to *focus* on getting ready for the event.  Getting in the right mental place.  I should probably jump triples today.  Or practice that medium canter.  Or finally get my changes.  Righto.

Remembers last time riding.

pony gif
Or I’ll just hack on the show grounds at the event.  Not like I’m fixing any issues today! I’ll pack the trailer with supplies for the weekend.

Remembers last time trying to get hay from the hayloft.

hay gif
I’ll just wait until everyone shows up later.  We’re all supposed to share the chores anyhow.  Might as well give the horse a bath.  Then I’m nearly good to go!

Remembers last time trying to give the horse a bath.

cat gif
No worries.  Nothing a good curry can’t fix anyhow.  Plus I heard some fancy groom say the trick to a shiny coat is just not bathing them.  Ha!  And everyone else is wasting time in the wash stall.

Remembers last time driving to an event.

nap gif
Thanks for driving, ma!