Boyd Martin: Iron Man?

Boyd's new cross country gear? According to Glenn from Horses in the Morning, this Bauer Od1n Body Suit should do the trick. Boyd's new cross country gear? According to Glenn from Horses in the Morning, this Bauer Od1n Body Suit should do the trick.

I’ve been thinking of telling Boyd and Silva to buy a Powerball ticket, because their rash of bad luck has got to be coming to an end soon. The Martins are among the most resilient of all equestrians, and I got to thinking about exactly how much metal Boyd must have in his body at this point. I’m beginning to think that perhaps Boyd is actually a pseudonym for someone else, perhaps someone by the name of Tony Stark?

Boyd successfully underwent surgery yesterday to repair his broken tibia, acquiring his latest set of hardware as surgeons inserted a metal rod along the length of his lower right leg. Click here to see a photo of the stitched-up leg post surgery — not posting directly on the page to protect those with weak stomachs — which he posted on his personal Facebook page earlier this afternoon.

All fixed! Sort of. Photo via Boyd's Facebook page.

All fixed! Sort of. Photo via Boyd’s Facebook page.

Glenn the Geek, host of the Horses in the Morning radio show, called attention on this morning’s episode to the Bauer Od1n Body Suit (screenshot above taken from this article), which is designed for use by hockey players, but could also serve its purpose for cross-country riding. To me, it looks like more of an Iron Man suit than anything else. Am I right?

Boyd has ruefully called himself part of a running joke at the local hospitals he frequents, where the scene evidently turns into the theme song from Cheers, as he is easily recognized and greeted upon each new visit with a new project for the hard-working staff.

I took a quick tally of the injuries and surgeries that Boyd has been subjected to in the past year. Take a look:

  • Broken tibia, March 2014
  • Broken arm, October 2013
  • Torn ankle tendons and ligaments, May 2013

Boyd himself has begun to lose count of the number of times he’s been under the knife, so we may well be missing some injuries here, but you can get a good idea of what the poor man has been through of late.

All jokes aside, Boyd, we sincerely hope that your recovery — and Silva’s! — is swift and uncomplicated. While your home may currently look like a hospital ward, if anyone can come out on the other side of this victorious, it’s definitely you two!

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