New Sponsor Spotlight: Premier Equine Insurance

Hurry Murray, Kristen and David Buffamoyer, of Premier Equine Insurance

Hurry Murray, Kirsten and David Buffamoyer of Premier Equine Insurance. Photo courtesy of PEI.

David and Kirsten Buffamoyer understand both the fine print on a coverage contract and the finer pleasure of a horse nickering to you as you enter the barn. Both passionate riders, they merged their love for horses and insurance experience to create Premier Equine Insurance, Eventing Nation’s newest sponsor.

“Being horse people ourselves, we understand exactly how important your horse is to you on a personal level, and the emotional as well as financial investment that comes along with a life with horses,” David said. “From this understanding comes a level of personal service you won’t find anywhere else.”

Kirsten’s campaigning two horses this season, Hurry Murray, who she’ll take Training, and Jim, who she’ll ride Intermediate.


Yep. “Jim” is even his show name.

“That’s what happens when you leave your husband in charge of naming your new horse!” Kirsten said.

Kristen & Jim

Kirsten and Jim. Photo courtesy of PEI.

In addition to eventing, Kirsten’s won national titles in reining competitions. David rides the reiners as well, though riding was not his first sport. That would be baseball. He played catcher for the Yankees for four years.

David Buffamoyer

David Buffamoyer. Photo courtesy PEI.

These two know the pressures and pleasures of competing on the road and investing your heart and resources into your horses.

“And we know horses don’t wear watches,” David, who welcomes calls any time, said.

Premier Insurance offers a wide range of policies for your horse, from full mortality to stallion infertilityhorse club and organization coverage, farm packages and commercial equine liability insurance.

Check out the website, or give them a call toll-free at 877-68-HORSE (46773) for a free quote.

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