Friday Video from SmartPak: Sneak a Peak at Pratoni with Andrew Hoy

2021 hasn’t even finished yet and already, we’re daydreaming about next year — a season that’ll revolve around the World Championships, set to take place just outside Rome at Italy’s Pratoni del Vivaro. It’ll be an interesting year, because the World Equestrian Games format has been dismantled in favour of discipline-specific championships scattered around the world, and so eventing will share the stage with just one other sport — combined driving. Frequent followers of Les Etoiles de Pau will be well familiar with how brilliantly the two sports mingle on the main stage, and also how chaotic a shared prize giving can be.

Anyway, there’s a long way to go before we need to think about laps of honour — first, we want to get a closer look at what to expect from the venue itself. Fortunately for us, Aussie¬†Andrew Hoy took a trip there last week with a couple of his up-and-coming horses, and has shared this head cam footage from his trip around the CCI3*-L with¬†Bloom des Hauts Crets, who finished second. Enjoy tagging along — and being every bit as nosy as we are!