Chinches Be Crazy On the Road to Rebecca Farm

Rich n' sassy. Rich n' sassy.

‘Sup, ladies and gentle-dudes!

As you fine folks know, I am quite the jet setter! I’ve had a busy year checking out events all over the globe. As Snoop Ch’lla once said, “Its kinda hard bein’ Snoop C-H-double L-A.”

Normally I only travel via private jet, but after Rolex, Badminton and Luhmühlen, I decided I needed to go on a summer road trip and really find my center again. Of course, this had to coincide with an event, and what better event than the destination event of the year — The Event at Rebecca Farm.

I hitched a ride with the crew at Dragonfire Farm, leaving early on Saturday, July 19, with 10 horses in tow. It was like a good old fashioned trucker convoy! How rustic!

We put a lot of miles behind us very quickly. Our first stop for gas was in Weed. Seriously, there is a town called Weed.

Then my agent called and reminded me that they needed photos for my feature in Forbes next month. So we stopped and took some.

It might have been the stop in Weed, but these were some seriously big trees. Taylor and I practiced some forest yoga. We checked on the horses at the next stop and stretched our legs at a rest stop.

I like my BBQ sauce like I like myself, rich and sassy! With a fiery tongue that would … make devils spit … or something, I don’t know — we drove for 23 hours straight, man.

We finally rolled in to Kalispell, and the first order of business was a some hot yoga time to erase the sins of the road. Even Snoop Ch’lla needs to detox.

All the action at Rebecca kicks off today with YEH and FEH classes. It’s about to get real, ya’ll.

Follow Chinch on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his exploits with the Dragonfire Farm team this week at Rebecca Farm. Go Chinch.

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