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DJ Sam: Je Fais Du CSO

Sup, party people! Your faithful leader Chinch hasn’t forgotten you. I’ve just been wicked busy with preparing to take over the FEI. I have huge plans for my inauguration, which include bringing together the best artists of our time for an epic concert.

DJ Sam will headline. Who’s DJ Sam? Glad you asked.

Happy Halloween!

Chinch Tips: Steps to Superior Selfies

Chinch's favorite life lesson is to sit back and kick when things get tough. Chinch's favorite life lesson is to sit back and kick when things get tough.

Hey friends, future FEI president Chinch here!

I get emails all the time. Like all the time. The number one question I get asked is some variation of: “Chinch you always look so fly in those pics! How do you do it?

Today I have assistants, interns, paparazzi and adoring fans to snap pics for Insta, but it wasn’t always that way. Before I became the media darling and mogul that you know and love, I had to take those pictures myself. Not gonna lie — it’s challenging, but you already know that anything worth doing is challenging. It’s why you are an eventer and I’m a presidentially minded chinchilla.

With the WEGs and AECs coming up, I figured it was time to let’chall in on how to take the best selfies. Let’s get real. These events are prime territory for selfies and chinchbombing.

Step one. Get yo’ game face on. Know the look you are going for. Zany, sexy, excited, whatever fits! It’s all about the vibe you want to throw down. Otherwise you might end up like Paris who is famous because she makes the same face all the time.


Step 2: Stage it. A killer background is key to a rad selfie. I get to spend time around some of the freshest folks in all of eventing and at the dopest sites. Historically, my selfies are about taking you along on this journey — those moments where I turn to you and go “OMG!!!!! Can you even believe it?!” or “Is this even real life???”

Selfies where you are just duckfacin’ in the loo is first-level stuff. We are working on next level action here. Think about that journey you wanna share with your crew and the world.

Step 3: Snap a few dozen. Be quick; don’t spend too much time posing and retaking. If you fixate on getting it just perfect, you might miss golden opportunities for mad awesomeness in the background.

Step 4: Take your ego out of it. Chinch knows that might seem weird when he is waxing philosophical about a phenomenon that is all built about ego, but hear me out. You don’t have to look perfect. You can have a hair out of place, crooked helmet or neck fat. It’s okay. My personal hardship is wonky whiskers, and the struggle is real. Truth is you’re the only one that’s gonna notice. If you did a killer job with step 2, everyone is going to be focused on that adventure that they get to share with you.

Step 5: Don’t make it all high intensity selfies all the time. A more down tempo selfie is refreshing sometimes, as is a good old fashioned photo-by-a-friend. Ask a bush-lurking paparazzi or friend to snap a shot once in a while. Not that we don’t love getting personal with your mug, but once in a while the not-so-zoomed look is rad too.

With these simple steps you can bring it up to Chinch-level selfies. If you are joining us at the WEGs or the AECs, have your people get in touch with my people and send those pictures our way on Twitter at @eventingnation and on Insta at @goeventing.

Peace, love and raisins,
El Chinch-a-rino

Follow me, ya’ll: @ENChinch & @goeventing

Throwing My Tiny Hat in the Ring for FEI President

Yesterday y’all saw Wylie dropping science about Princess Haya and how she’s out, how she’s done, how she just ain’t gonna do it no more even though the masses want her to be Presidincess 4EVA.

Well, I’m gonna do it, EN. I have to. I am declaring my candidacy for the Presidency of the FEI. Yes! You heard it here first. Your rich and sassy, globe-trotting media mogul and eventing super Chinch is putting his (tiny, adorable) hat in the ring.

Right now, the only candidate is my homeboy Pierre E. Genecand of Switzerland.

Big P is a man of the world, living in both Geneva and Buenos Aires. He digs polo, having been the big cheese of Switzerland’s biggest polo tournament for close to two decades. He also has been a major playa in Swiss show jumping, helped organize the WEGs in Rome in 1998, and then was central to coordination of the television coverage for the Sydney Olympics.

Dude is legit. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not running because I think Big P is unqualified. Big P has an impressive resume.

My resume is pretty impressive too. I know people. I’m rich and sassy. I run a media empire. I am the embodiment of the phrase “I’m kind of a big deal,” and yet I am down to earth enough to hit up the events and roll with the real folks. I’m running because the FEI deserves a leader with vision like yours truly. It takes people and chinchillas to make ch-ch-ch-changes.

Mostly I’m running because the FEI can’t exist without scandal and weirdness, and what better way for it to stay weird and scandalous. Plus, I can probably get a custom coffee mug that says, “I’m the boss.”

Anyway, the FEI presidential election is coming up in December. The FEI crew will be rolling up on Baku, Azerbajan. Candidates for big cheese have gotta register with the FEI by Sept. 1. The EN crew will keep you posted if anyone else declares candidacy.

Chinch OUT!





Chinches Be Crazy On the Road to Rebecca Farm

Rich n' sassy. Rich n' sassy.

‘Sup, ladies and gentle-dudes!

As you fine folks know, I am quite the jet setter! I’ve had a busy year checking out events all over the globe. As Snoop Ch’lla once said, “Its kinda hard bein’ Snoop C-H-double L-A.”

Normally I only travel via private jet, but after Rolex, Badminton and Luhmühlen, I decided I needed to go on a summer road trip and really find my center again. Of course, this had to coincide with an event, and what better event than the destination event of the year — The Event at Rebecca Farm.

I hitched a ride with the crew at Dragonfire Farm, leaving early on Saturday, July 19, with 10 horses in tow. It was like a good old fashioned trucker convoy! How rustic!

We put a lot of miles behind us very quickly. Our first stop for gas was in Weed. Seriously, there is a town called Weed.

Then my agent called and reminded me that they needed photos for my feature in Forbes next month. So we stopped and took some.

It might have been the stop in Weed, but these were some seriously big trees. Taylor and I practiced some forest yoga. We checked on the horses at the next stop and stretched our legs at a rest stop.

I like my BBQ sauce like I like myself, rich and sassy! With a fiery tongue that would … make devils spit … or something, I don’t know — we drove for 23 hours straight, man.

We finally rolled in to Kalispell, and the first order of business was a some hot yoga time to erase the sins of the road. Even Snoop Ch’lla needs to detox.

All the action at Rebecca kicks off today with YEH and FEH classes. It’s about to get real, ya’ll.

Follow Chinch on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with his exploits with the Dragonfire Farm team this week at Rebecca Farm. Go Chinch.