Christmas Eve News & Notes Presented by Zoetis

Holiday pony! Photo by Captivation Photography.

Today is a day for half horses, half baking. I’m making classic mince pies, and some super fluffy parker house rolls. I meant to get really festive this year and actually make a ton of proper holiday cookies, but alas, the time never appeared on my schedule to get really into it. The weather has been too nice to stay inside and bake!

News From Around the Globe:

Tis the day to look at cute photos of horses and dogs in holiday festive wear! Luckily for you, we have not one, but TWO different links with reader submitted photos that are just too adorable for words. [Holiday Horse Photos] [Holiday Pets Gallery]

Struggling with controlling your hip angle over fences? Every rider has a different style over jumps, but some positions are more functional than others. Beezie Madden gives advice on how to correct a too-closed hip angle over jumps, and why it happens. [Jumping Clinic with Beezie Madden]

The rider/trainer relationship is a crucial relationship in the enjoyment and success of riding horses. So what happens when it’s just not working?Sometimes problems arise when riders rely on their trainers more than they should. While a trainer serves as the ultimate supporter, teacher and mentor (and should be appreciated as such), when is it time to consider alternative options? [Alternatives to Having a Trainer?]

The mystery of breeding horses has long been the subject of study. New research shows that a mare’s attraction to a stallion—specifically, to his body odors, or “MHC”—affects pregnancy success rates. And, researchers found, mares appear to prefer stallions with MHCs that differ from their own. So in other words, opposites attract, even in the horse world. [Equine Opposites Attract]

And in closing this Christmas Eve, I don’t even know how to explain this video, but here you go: