Thursday Video: Fireside Chat with Jessica Phoenix

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has been rolling out is “Fireside Chats” — OK, it’s more of a Zoom call than a cozy rocking chair and fireplace sesh, but we’ll accept it — series of interview with top Canadian equestrians. We’ve enjoyed getting to know riders like Team Canada show jumpers Mac Cone and Mario Delauriers, and more. Recently they chatted with Jessica Phoenix, a long-time leader of the Canadian eventing scene, about how she’s been using her time in the past year.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which takes place every November in Toronto, is much more than a horse show. 10/10 recommend other content on the Fair’s YouTube channel as well — if farm-to-table is a thing, this is farm-to-laptop? Particularly this butter sculpture challenge video … now that is my kind of art.

The 2021 edition of the Fair did not take place in person, byt the organization looks forward to welcoming guests to its 100th anniversary celebration in 2022!