Clipping Creations: November Edition

There’s nothing that says “horse person” quite as much as the sensation of a buzzing clipper in your hand for two hours straight, wearing a rain coat and rain pants inside the barn, and sneezing horse hair out of your nose for days. Yep, it must be clipping season. I want to see your amazing, entertaining, beautiful and clever clipping creations. Send me a picture that shows off your artistry and a little blurb explaining what it’s all about. Include the name of your horse, your name and where you are from. Email [email protected]!

Rachael Walker, Wisconsin: “This is my 6-year-old eventing mare, Lili. Last year she got a lightning bolt on her shoulder, but she can get nervous and tight in the winter time, so this year I went with the Chinese symbol meaning ‘peace, tranquility, inner calm, centered’ in the hopes of keeping us both a little more zen.”

Karen Bayha, New York: “This year we tried to do clipping designs according to the names of the ponies.  This roan pony is named Nemo and was clipped accordingly.”

Megan Jurasek: “After I gave my Morgan a fancy clip, my Thoroughbred didn’t want to be left out of the action (OK, he probably did, but I didn’t give him that option), so he had his blanket clip dressed up a bit. He received lots of comments about how he looked like a Christmas ornament. In a bout of short-sighted “well, we’ll see how this turns out,” I freehanded the whole design. It took three sessions to complete, but I might be a perfectionist …”

Lisie, Baltimore, Md.: “This is a picture of my horse Tommy with a fun snowflake design for the winter! Pictures show before and after the design.”


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