Clipping Creations: Thanksgiving Hangover Edition

Sophie David: This is Killiney Hill, or Sophie David: This is Killiney Hill, or "Kite", my preliminary mare showing her support for eventing! Princess Kite was feeling rather glamorous, envisioning herself in all of the eventing magazines, until I clipped off this "beautiful masterpiece" after her photoshoot.

There’s nothing that says “horse person” quite as much as the sensation of a buzzing clipper in your hand for two hours straight, wearing a rain coat and rain pants inside the barn, and sneezing horse hair out of your nose for days. Yep, it must be clipping season. I want to see your amazing, entertaining, beautiful and clever clipping creations. Send me a picture that shows off your artistry and a little blurb explaining what it’s all about. Include the name of your horse, your name and where you are from. Email [email protected]!


Brianne Reynolds (MD): This grey thoroughbred, owned by Justin Smith, is named Mr. Boxcar. In the game of craps, two dice showing 6 each are called a “boxcar “. So Mr. Boxcar got two dice, one on each hip!



Aimee Towell (ID): Absolute Courage is an 8 year old OTTB who came off the track late this summer. He brings a fabulous attitude to work every day and is a bright spot for me in a rough year.



Shara Rutberg: This is my horse Puppy. I know -there’s a lot of real estate to work with on that hind end. The s is for “sedation” as he has to have a little cocktail for his spa day.


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