Collegiate Eventers Gearing Up for Chatt Hills Team Challenge

Shelby Allen, the University of Georgia Eventing Team's vice-president, sent in a great informational piece about the upcoming Collegiate Team Challenge at Chattahoochee Hills in October. Collegiate eventers will be there with lots of school spirit to compete - and they need more entries! Thanks to Shelby for sending in this article. Go collegiate eventing!

Photo courtesy of the UGA Eventing Team. Photo courtesy of the UGA Eventing Team.

From Shelby:

In the past few years we have all watched collegiate eventing rapidly grow. Today, colleges from all over the country are represented in the eventing community. Each semester, these college teams come together to compete against one another in collegiate team challenges. Run at regular horse trials, these team challenges are great opportunities for collegiate event​ers to meet other college riders and compete against their peers. Teams proudly display banners, flags, and tents to show their school spirit. These collegiate team challenges are always a great time for riders and spectators.

Each team consists of four members who are scored individually with one drop score rider. The individual scores are multiplied by a coefficient depending on the level ridden to ensure riders of all levels can fairly compete against one another. This type of scoring weighs different levels to account for level difficulty. (It is much easier to score a 20 in Beginner Novice than Advanced). Following the completion of all divisions on the last day of the event, there will be a collegiate awards ceremony. The team with the lowest top three combined scores at the end of the team challenge is the winner. Team challenges also feature an overall low score college rider winner.

Chattahoochee Hills in Fairburn, GA, will host this fall’s team challenge October 25th-26th. Chatt Hills is a world class facility that always puts on a great show for collegiate eventing. They offer divisions from Beginner Novice through Intermediate, allowing college riders at any level to participate. The courses are well designed and offer a fair, yet challenging, ride for all competitors. Any college with an eventing program is welcome to come participate in the team challenge. The more teams present, the more fun the competition will be! All entries should be submitted by the closing date: October 7th.
This challenge is not limited to just college students! There will also be an Alumni Team Challenge running. Any group of alumni are welcome to send one or more teams of 4 riders to compete. In addition, fans and eventing supporters alike are encouraged to come cheer on your favorite college teams. Alumni teams should contact Susan Thomas at [email protected] for more information.
Go college eventing!


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